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How the Syria airstrikes unfolded

The US, UK and France launched strikes against targets within Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack by Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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  1. Russia is the best country. А Вы там верьте своим ложным новостям.. И Путин best of the best..

  2. “alleged,” here we go again stumbling into another war with no clear end to feed the military industrial complex…

  3. More strikes just struck Syria and all CNN goes on about is replay of 1989 skit. Unbelievable. Obviously Worthless news station. RT gets more views than you guys rofl. Fake news away

  4. Hahaha "perfectly executed strike".
    Only perfectly executed brainwashing to stupid Americans clowns.They shoted 103 "clever" rockets for 3 targets and these targets wasnt even completely destroyed?What u use 1kg of TNT in Tomahawks?What a vast of money.People are no stupid.Brave LEGAL SYRIAN army shoted dovn most of your "clever" rockets with 40y old aa Rusian systems.You are the most evil in the Earth thats true.You created ISIS and you even train rest of ISIS fighters in Syria now.

  5. CNN you people are awful , Nicky Hadley is a terrific WH representative, why is CNN trying to make a stink over a little slip by announcing sanctions on Russia to early. CNN WHY CANT YOU STOP WITH THE BS AND START DOING REAL NEWS!!!!!!!!

  6. The British SAS did the chemical attack in Syria, just like when they were caught planting car bombs in Baghdad during their illegal invasion based of lies and false propaganda.

  7. Despite what side one may choose, attacking the Syrian government is a stupid idea, it's basically gift wrapping Syria for the taking of isis

  8. Why do you care about civil war? You are the main reason of every war in the world. So you are not peace maker,you are war-maker 🙂

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