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How Is This Not National News?

–A massive methane leak in Porter Ranch, California, has displaced thousands of residents and is releasing over 30,000 kilograms of methane per hour

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  1. The problem is that methane is a colorless gas, therefore there are no juicy shots for the media to splash on the screen. (e.g. BP's oil slicked ocean and oil leaking pipe closeups.)

  2. i am/was a domestic gas service engineer.
    natural gas does not 'stink'. there is no smell to it.
    a substance called ethyl mercaptan is added to natural gas for obvious safety reasons.

  3. anything to accelerate the already accelerating greenland ice cap melt that will raise ocean levels at least 6 metres

  4. Now I suppose SoCal's rates will go up. Have to make the customers pay for the company's mistakes. You know, like trickle down economics.

  5. They should ignite the plume, that turns the methane into CO2 plus water, far less damaging
    But of course the flames would be far more frightening

  6. It's the money, and the fact that the effects of methane leaks aren't as obvious as oil leaks which taint the beaches and contaminate the food supply

  7. Uhhhh….it is national news. It's been covered by the AP, CBS News, Fox News, LA Times, Discovery, CNN, Washington Post, Buzz Feed, The Guardian, Sacramento Bee, Euronews…..what are you talking about it's not being covered?

  8. The methane gas contains another gas, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), which is known to be horrendously poisonous. It is heavier than air therefore it silently flows along the ground like an invisible liquid and can easily travel downhill (was that a hill I saw in the video…). It is easy to detect in amounts as little as 0.00047 ppm with that classic "rotten egg smell" one associates with gas leaks, but because it is heavier than air, it can pool up in enclosed spaces, say through an open door into a home.

  9. This is why I subscribed to your channel, David. To see the news we don't see, and the news we aren't supposed to see.

  10. There is no coverage of the disasters that has happened all across the country and the world because all of this relates to Global Warming.

  11. Methane hydrates in the ocean are melting, permafrost over vast areas has melted, oil and gas companies leak methane like crazy and you only talk about this one well. This isn't crap compared to what is really being released over the globe. Though this brings awareness to methane, it will not make national news like the bp oil spill because they simply don't want you to talk about "methane" or make the population aware of the current methane problem globally that is now in a positive feedback cycle, the proverb of the snowball rolling down hill get larger and faster. There have been a few news stories on this on TV news, but its quickly told and glazed over, never open for discussion. Panic would be the order of the day, that's why they are not making a big deal over this. But you should panic, the feds are and are preparing, are you?

  12. Methane is odorless & colorless. You can't smell it. California doesn't stink of "natural gas." Energy companies must add the "stink" for you to smell it.

  13. another red flag event to draw attention from the real event anyhow the best way to deal with this is to burn it off … wake the fuck up and get out of the area

  14. we are in the middle of the natural gas movement….No gas company or pro natural gas politician wants this on cnn…and that's why you don't see it….There hoping to get it capped before all he'll breaks loose because then they'll be forced to report it.

  15. Yep methane (oops i mean cow farts) is going to be the end of the human species. Seriously people? You're a fucking joke.

    It's not news because the threat is minuscule, the earth has leaked and will continue to leak methane every second of everyday until the end of time. It is only you conspiracy nut-jobs along with your buddies the doomsday douche-bags who are claiming it is a threat, once again over blowing it to push your anti-authority, anti-civil-peace and pro-civil-chaos agendas. Every single day you paranoid idiots make claims that some newly discovered boogy-man is going to kill us all. Get a life for once, stop trying to scare people with your non-existent, your over-blown, your extremely exaggerated, your complete twisting of, and the other 99% of the time, your flat-out fabricated bullshit just to gain views/subs/likes.

    You are all just a bunch of worthless and scared space wasting babies!!!!!!!!

  16. Let's see why isn't it mainstream, because Big Oil owns the media. There has been a state of emergency declared by the Governor, yet nobody knows anything. This is Big Oil cover up at it's finest!

  17. The visuals aren't interesting enough? Well just wait 20 to 30 years, & when thousands of people are diagnosed with angiosarcoma from the benzene exposure, then the MSM will have their visual.

  18. National news media have done a better job of capping and containing the flow of news and federal emergency response than the profit-maximizing SoCal Gas, LLC has done in plugging the ongoing two and a half month massive benzene-methane-methyl mercaptan leak in the world's media capital of L.A. County. Midwestern neo-liberal e-con SACRIFICE ZONE of FLINT, MICHIGAN has fared even worse with even less national news coverage where lead-contaminated water was found by the Governor of Michigan to have been intentionally run through the taps of those lucky enough to still have a home and running water.

    For Governor Snyder and his inner circle's duplicity as the decision was made to save budget money by switching to lead-contaminated water improperly treated you will have to view THE REAL NEWS NETWORK, or DEMOCRACY NOW or the diversity of DIY reporters and videographers, because when the national news broadcasters showed up to recognize a PUBLIC HEALTH EMERGENCY, the amplification, repetition and deepening of understanding was and is still absent. Charlie Rose and Rachel Maddow are show biz not news reporters.

    Search online for national news coverage and see for yourself whether the depth or volume of national coverage is commensurate with the California Governor's Declaration of Emergency over 2 months from the discovery that SoCal Gas cannot contain the massive leak in heavily residential and air trafficked earthquake fault zone of Northridge in L.A. County. Governor Brown was neither questioned directly about this environmental disaster in progress while in Paris at the UN Climate Change Conference and he further chose to remain silent while questioned on California's environmental policies which he presented as an exemplar of progressive environmental practices.

    A month and a half after the FAA diverted air traffic around the invisible continuous methane cloud for fear of jet fuel ignition of the gas and additives that have been filmed using heat-sensitive optics and is posted with local and DIY journalistic narrative on YouTube. Flint, Michigan's water contamination has not been treated with any more national media attention.
    Now, shift your paradigm ever so slightly and imagine if a foreign enemy or domestic Islamist had been behind these two enviro disasters instead of the dark side of the AMERICAN DREAM, namely the PROFIT MOTIVE. How would the politicians who live on the spread of fear and the news media who profit off the spread of fear and paranoia have handled these midwestern and Pacific coast calamities in process?

    Except for local L.A. area broadcast outlets and especially the alternative newspaper the LA WEEKLY no national U.S. or even CBCCanadian media have treated this Fukushima of GAS LEAKS as the emergency it is.

    SoCal Gas, the profit-maximizing private investor-serving hydraulic fracturing ("FRACKING") and energy storage company has not even had to spend money on PR since no national news media treated this as a 2 month running emergency on the order of the BP Gulf of Mexico oil platform spill and Fukushima's nuclear post-tsunami ongoing disaster (also dropped from mass media coverage in corporate-captured news media).

    For the best broadcast coverage to date, treating this news with the gravitas it deserves, albeit one month late, search and see the online video archive of last month's DEMOCRACY NOW co-hosted & co-produced by a real journalist AMY GOODMAN with her substantive interview of previous Southern California Energy Profiteering and Massive Evacuation-causing cover-up whistle-blower ERIN BROCKOVICH.

    Looks like until Hollywood gets around to making a movie about this ongoing cover-up, or the more lethal and insidious "containment" in Flint, Michigan (what more can Michael Moore or Chris Hedges do to awaken U.S. to the human costs of these NEO-LIBERAL E-CON SACRIFICE ZONES?) we'll not get any high paid newscaster to ask: What was SoCal's blue-print for prompt remediation of a gas-line blow-out? Shouldn't every Environmental Protection-permitted energy company business model be able to demonstrate their contingency plans prior to setting up? BP Gulf Coast failure to drill with such a contingency plan compounded the fortunes of oil-services corporations like Dick Cheney's HALLIBURTON who BP called in when panic struck and HALLIBURTON billed billions of dollars for trying to plug the underwater gushing blow-out by stuffing golf balls down the hole!

    Same ???'s for BP's underwater drilling blow-out in the Gulf; Fukushima risking nuclear melt-down in a high-risk tsunami zone yet still allowing the sale of its Nuclear Energy provider for Tokyo, TEPCO to be taken over by private profit maximizers who had to be nationalized after the disaster because it could not cover the cost of relocating an entire coastal region and completing the cordoning of nuclear contamination into the Pacific and agricultural areas much less the ongoing clean-up.

    Oh, one more question for U.S.? Shouldn't massively profitable news broadcasters owned by GE, WHO BRINGS GOOD THINGS TO LIGHT, occasionally shine a light on the LESS THAN GOOD THINGS? Like long since the sale of GE and Westinghouse's Commercial Nuclear Reactor construction and servicing businesses to Toshiba (now teetering on bankruptcy) and Hitachi, which in itself was barely considered NEWSWORTHY, mightn't they be expected to commit resources and exposure to uncovering the social costs buried in these BIG BUSINESS DEALS with more amplification, depth and persistence than anyone can find in the public online news industry's archives?

    Added irony: USC's ANNENBERG SCHOOL FOR COMMUNICATION & JOURNALISM is among the best-endowed and financed in the world and hosts a steady stream of visiting MASS COMMUNICATIONS PROFESSIONALS and SCHOLARS for conferences, guest lectures, seminars and symposia….!!!!!

    (C) Mitch Ritter
    Lay-Low Studios, Ore-Wa
    Nike-Town, Intel-Land, LLC
    Pheudal Phiephdom of Phil, Ka-Ching
    In Anti-Trust Perpetuity Throughout the Universe

  19. The MSM (Main Stream Media) is too childish to understand what this is. CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, and FUX would be yelling !!!Earth farted!!! like 3rd or 4th graders and be telling fart jokes for 24 hours.

  20. how does it feel when you realize your own party is fucking the west coast.fuck cali let it sink…..I'm from sd I'm gone ….I'm in texas happy sleep well ..

  21. You need to wake up Parkman ….you could make a difference but you sold out……… follow the money my o.cha training says methane is deadly.i hate that word going forward over a cliff my beautiful California as been destroyed by all these crooked politicians Weare now like mexico. ………hahahahahahahaheheahehahehHeahe what a joke. a sad joke..

  22. You wont find stories like this on sanitized main stream media that are owned by the 1%ers. They would prefer people to be poisoned and die. Just look at what happened in Flint MI. For 2 years people were drinking Lead! Finally the story broke but it was far too late. Its all part of the Agenda 21 depopulation. Look it up.

  23. Neither the utility company, NOR the mainstream news are required to protect you or tell the truth. Anyone still there should get out, yesterday.

  24. Apparently, the value of gas is dependent on people thinking it's a limited resource. The companies will waste it, but they won't give it away for free? It's all about money to them.  There's obviously an abundant amount of gas stored. They wouldn't let it go to waste if there wasn't… Unless they plan on raising prices substantially when there's only so much left.

  25. It's radioactive. That is why it is not national news. The gas has completely filled the LA Basin overflowing into downtown.
    Porter Ranch Gas Fields butts up against SSFL (Rocketdyne) which is a contaminated cesspool of nuclear waste. They are the same land. In 1959 America's first, and one of the world's worst meltdowns occurred at Rocketdyne. (Plus numerous other accidents and releases of radioactive material) COVERED UP for almost 70 years by the Dept. of Energy and yet STILL most people do not know. Experts have estimated the original meltdown released 240 times the amount of radioactive material as had 3 Mile Island. Methane does not cause nosebleeds, rashes, etc…..
    Also not mentioned is The Porter Ranch Gas Fields are Highly combustible and volatile, the field holds @ 86 billion cubic feet of natural gas and is the second largest storage facility of its kind in the United States. Emptied oil caverns have been converted into storage. All this gas is sitting under the mountains in pockets and tanks which are interconnected by pipes with NO SAFETY VALVES. One spark even a static spark can blow the whole valley straight to hell. The initial blast would be the equivalent of 10 nuclear bombs. Followed by fire. Lots and lots of fire.

  26. When george W. was president, the military took over all forms of communications here in america through it's war agenda. Everything you hear and see is designed to deaden your senses until your putty in it's grasp. AMERICA WAS NOT DESIGNED TO BE LEAD BY MILITARY RULE. WE MEANS YOU AND I. LOVE IS THE BEST WE CAN BE SO LET'S DO LOVE FOR A CHANGE! WAKE YOUR WHOLE SELF, ALL OF YOUR SENSES AND FACULTIES IN THE NAME OF LOVE AND SHUT DOWN THE POISONOUS MISTAKE NOW… FOSSIL FUEL IS POISON TO ALL LIFE UP HERE ON THE SURFACE OF EARTH.

  27. Luciferians Destroying Earth These guys are so nice…calling them the "corporate" media. The Criminal Media are all owned by the Occult in Secret Societies who allowed this on purpose…just like the Gulf Oil spill…just like Fukushima. THEY are allowing intentional neglect and "accidents" (or are they?) to destroy the planet. Those of you who do not believe this is Biblical…my prayers are especially with you.

  28. The Gulf of Mexico incident spilled crude oil to kill everything in our oceans and this Southern California incident is filling the atmosphere with methane to kill everything on land. Our politicians continuously down play and ignore the environmental and health impacts of these incidents. Major cancer institutes like MD Anderson are bursting at the seams with patients all around this country. I recently visited MD Anderson because I'm a nurse by profession and accompanied a close friend. While walking through the parking lot the sheer amount of people going for treatment was astounding. The number of people making their way towards the building with IV access ports reminded me of exiting the super dome after the saints NFC championship game back in 2010 except no one was smiling. Sure enough in 2014, 1.3 million people received outpatient care at MD Anderson a 20% increase since 2010. Enough is enough!! We are letting these people kill everything including ourselves for money.

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