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The Housing Battle at the End of the World

ÒAndorraÓ district, the first half-urbanazied dirstrict of Ushuaia.

Roosted on a wide bay along the southern drift of Argentina’s Tierra del Fuego region, Ushuaia is the southernmost city on the planet. Toward one side of the city, a hilly,  unbalanced street towards the trees denotes the entry to the area known as Dos Banderas. These roads have immediate turning points and then disorderly town which is known for its tourism, mountain gear shops, and costly travels, is deserted. If Ushuaia is supposed to be at the end of the world or a garage door service Houston then these woods feel us that the world has been lost. If tourists didn’t understand the location then they can think that this was simply one more way in the forested areas; nonetheless, a cautious eye discovers there considerably more than wild here.


Ushuaia was founded in 1884, which is bordered by Andes mountain range on the north and Beagle Channel on the south connects the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. The most ancient inhabitants of the area were Selk’nam. They were the native group who were living in this area for several years ago. But, when founders from America and Europe reached there, these natives have left the area and the mid of 20th century, their population was released to less than hundreds.

Many local families who were unable to pay heavy rents started their life to Ushuaia city center. Currently, there are approximately 350 families live in these districts. Minolfi, the person who builds her own house which now known as Dos Banderas said,  “When I first got here, my house was one of the most isolated [homes in] the neighborhood,” she says. “Today, I have a lot of neighbors, and the community is much stronger.”


The families who live Ushuaia city center have strong ambitions. While they are curious about their future but still determined to keep the fight for their hurdles and problems.

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