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Gunman shoots and kills four in Tennessee, USA; 3 injured in early morning shootout

Gunman shoots and kills four in Tennessee, USA; 3 injured in early morning shootout. Watch the video to get more information on the news.

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  1. Pretty soon this kinda news won't be news again. Its too frequent people won't take it seriously no more

  2. This shouldnt even be news at this point,it's such a common occurrence, it's sad that this happened. But 'merica is fucked up.

  3. And they speak about human rights violations in India

    These Americans should lick their own shit first before speaking ill about India.

  4. That's what they're fantastic for! Shooting, killing each other, dropping bombs and waging wars on other countries. That's what they've been doing for ages. They've also got superiority complex.

  5. Nice! White people go around the world bombing innocent defenseless men, women, children and babies, now it's white people turn to live in fear of it's own mad men.
    We need to see more of this mass killing in the USA.

  6. US must bring in law to ban commercial sale of arms specially the assault rifles ….or else these things will keep happening

  7. Nothing new….each month there is a shooting incident in USA …..shitiest nation with most idiotic and dumb citizens and most evil form of governance….where police frequently kills unarmed citizens with just mere suspicion…..FUCK America !!!!
    Worst kind of humans ever evolved are white Caucasian and Americans are the latest versions of them…..GoD destroy America.
    I just hate everything that's related to or has originated in the US….the real progress by whites are in Western European nation…. America is the example how a nation should NOT be….

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