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Gorilla breaks glass at Nebraska Zoo

Gorilla break glass at Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha, Nebraska – Caught on Camera!

OMAHA, Neb. (KMTV) – A video of a gorilla at Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium has gone viral.

Zoo Curator, Dan Cassidy, says with three gorillas, aged 17 to 22 trying to establish dominance in the same space, they’re bound to see testosterone and aggression as these gorillas transition into adulthood.

In the video you can see the reflection of a little girl pounding on her chest as she looks at the male gorillas. One of the gorillas, known as “Kijito”, charges to the glass and breaks through the first of three layers of protective glass.

The zoo says this isn’t the first time they’ve seen this before. It’s common for the glass to break because of environmental or engineering causes. Gorillas also beat on the glass to makes sounds that scare off their peers.

Curators say while the gorilla did break through a layer of glass, the zoo checks and replaces the glass frequently.

The three gorillas in the exhibit are currently transitioning from blackbacks to silverbacks, as they enter into manhood. ​

This is a developing story. Watch KMTV Action 3 News for updates.

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  1. If i was captured and forced to live in a tiny space my whole life i would be pissed and try to hurt everyone too. Poor apes, i no longer go to zoos. Its cruelity

  2. They deserve to be scared for teasing and laughing at abused animals who were starved and shot with an arrow carried to the zoo in a truck.

  3. I like how they don't say anything about not to encourage your children to beat on their chests. Its mocking them and the act of beating on their chests is too show dominance. Gorillas are a lot smarter than we think we need to at least have signs up about it so this doesn't happen often. Although I am not saying anything bad could because there has not been a single documented account of a gorilla killing a person in the wild or in a enclosure/preserve.

  4. Gorilla's see that as a sign of dominance. It's stupid to allow children to purposely taunt a wild animal. Bad parenting at it's finest. Parents should educate themselves and their children, on the animals before visiting them. It's funny how you can see countless videos of wild animals displaying hostile aggression, due to children banging on the glass and yelling etc and parents sitting back, recording on their phones, laughing. There should be extra rules applied at Zoo's and a second barrier to keep people away.

  5. I remember the grizzly kept tossing a cowbone at the glass in his rock pool and broke it but its the same laminate stuff to use so no harm to anyone he was being a boy

  6. He should have broken the damn glass. Its enough to keep them in a glass box but u gotta mock them too? I stop going to zoos when I was 12 n found out that there were first human zoos.

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