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Geraldo Rivera on judge’s ruling to restart DACA

Judge orders that DACA program be reinstated; Geraldo Rivera reacts on ‘Fox & Friends.’

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  1. SO tired of Geraldo.

    Illegal Mexican immigrants are a special class, above the Law.

    "Compassion" is irrelevant, at the end of the day, the law must be upheld or we have nothing.and so-called lawyer Geraldo knows it.

    Dreamers need to leave. And the blame lies entirely with their parents for bringing them here and putting them in this situation in the first place.

  2. Decolonise science! make the boarders open! abolish the police! give me free stuff! don't force me to work it hurts my feelings you fascists!!!!

  3. Judge can not legislate from the bench he should be disbarred.
    Congress needs to make a decision on DACA

  4. Yet again an Obama appointed Judge decides that he NOT the duly elected President of America sets the law, this has to stop!

  5. How is it possible that a judge can order our president to do anything without it being based on the constitution? His opinion of what he thinks is only one man's opinion. These judges ordering our public officials to meet their demands or making new law is way outside the envelope of our constitution. This is why appointments to the supreme court matter so much. Your vote matters more now than is usually the case and extra effort is needed. # I will stand up.

  6. KKK folks trading hoods for red caps are the GOP base now,,,,START HANGING TRAITORS ON THE WHITE HOUSE LAWN

  7. This is exactly why Geraldo is a reporter instead of a lawyer. He disregards the law and rules with his "feelings". Well my "feelings" are just as valid as his are, And my feelings are that this judge made this ruling based solely on his political affiliations rather than any legal precedent.

  8. Congress should have the guts to pass a law to make DACA legal. It's ludicrous that the DACA program was started by an executive order and now somehow it can't be rescinded by another executive order.

  9. Those against DACA Simply don't like to get showed out by someone not from this country as most of these kids are honor roll kids, put it simply they don't like to see these kids succeed while they struggle with their own kids having addictions or problems with the law. It's not about the Constitution as %80 of Americans haven't even read the Constitution and those that preach these things are simply angry because they haven't gone anywhere in their own life.

  10. daca needs to end…if your dad rob a bank, then died you take the money and open a market(10yrs pass)then the fbi(when it comes to doing the right thing they are very slow)looking for the money firgure out it was use to buy a market by the children of the bank robber…DOES THAT MAKE THE MARKET OR WHAT THE CHILDREN DONE WITH THE MONEY RIGHT…OR DID THE CHILDREN ALSO BREAK THE LAW…in other words you cant make a lie into the TRUTH…a lie IS still a lie……LET US NOT BE FOOLED(OBAMA)who never was right should have undone this!

  11. Judge


    šŸŽµI'm not part of a redneck agenda šŸŽµ

    šŸŽµ Welcome to a new kind of TENSION šŸŽµ

    šŸŽµ We're not the ones meant to follow šŸŽµ

  12. DACA….I get it BUT…. If there has been ANY FELONY conviction since they arrived and THERE ARE A BUNCH, not all, but a lot. (Not as many engineers and doctors as Oidiot said)… I will citizen arrest and kick them out myself. I will be the 1 man American Latino Deportation Force (ALDF). THEY ARE GONE!!!!!

  13. If Congress wanted this solved , they would….if they didn't want the many illegals here so that more republicans can represent the many millions who are here for seats in the house if reps…..thus would be solved lol….so far Republican living illegals will never change and Trump will never have his way…deportation force my a** they fingered Trump without Vaseline that's why he stand by himself in this issue . Haha

  14. Jeanine is no judge. Her husband and brother in law were convicted for tax fraud and spent 29 months in prison. Jeanine was pulled over for a DUI and never convicted. Her face lift and noses job is starting to look bad. She needs some work on her flabby arms. Jeanine is a total fraud and crook.

  15. I wish liberals were as concerned about American kids already here, such as inner city blacks subjected to crime constantly and poor people in the rural parts of the country. There's plenty of kids here that could use help. Those pouring over the border illegally should be sent home. This is all about hating Trump, that''s all. They don't care about kids just like they don't care about minorities. It's another wedge issue for democrats to harp on in the hope of getting votes.

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