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George and Barbara Bush: A love for all time

Former President George Bush and former first lady Barbara Bush were married longer than any other presidential couple. Their kind of love is forever.

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  1. She said sadam Hussein should hang.husband her killed more people.her son should hang.son and father killed more people that Hussein
    Hang them cry like baby's.

  2. Rot in pieces Bush, the heck with that entire family and their extended family the Clintons, DEATH TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER

  3. It's like history, but at the same time, people. Mass media does that now, more so than before.

    You point a camera, and you immediately take yourself out of "the space" – ever notice that? I guess one does that, with or without a camera. Do you study a scene, or feel a part of it, connected?

    Could any live during those few years comprising WW2 (1939-1945 : 6 years) – in America or Europe – without being aware that there was a war going on ; not be personally affected by it?

  4. This is not a day for politics, opinions, or anything about the presidency. This is a day to remember this wonderful lady and role model for many people. Rest In Peace Mrs. Bush!

  5. After actress Heather Lind accused former President George H. W. Bush of sexual harassment, five other women have since come forward with their own experiences with Bush, all of which involving him groping their buttocks during photo shoots. One being 16 years old at the time.

  6. Your time will come if not born again you will go to hell. Barbara was a Christian she is in heaven because of christ saving grace. We all deserve he'll because of are sin.

  7. We know who these people are. We know what they have done. She will burn in hell for all eternity and you people, you educated journalists at USA TODAY know that. Stop pandering to sentimental bullshit and tell the truth about these people.

  8. There is a VERY bad man shilling this disrespectful video about Barbara Bush:

    Please go see it and then TROLL every video this RETARD has made.

    I hate this CHRISTIAN TERRORIST and I would like to see his account suspended permanently, especially after this.

    THANK YOU. 👌

  9. there both grandkids of alister crowley freemason satanic worshiper! burn in hell! bushes are for pissing on! get em all satan we dont want them! come get clintons and obamas too!

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