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Frank Meyers interview on the CBC National news. Aired Jan 27th. 2014

Save Frank & Marjorie Meyers “prime class 1 farmland” from expropriation in Trenton,Ontario.Canada..Only 1% of “prime class 1 farmland” is left in the entire province due to similar acts such as this…Initial interview with Frank Meyers by CBC National was done one week pryer to it being aired on Jan.27th.2014… Many thanks to the interviewer, Peter Mansbridge and CBC National. Also many thanks to the Meyers themselves, past and present, for caring so much and continuing to care about growing good wholesome food and feeding Canadians since 1798…And also a big thanks to all those taking a stance with them,standing by their side and supporting them in this fight to save their farm. Fight the good Fight! If you ate today or any other day, Thank a farmer like Frank Meyers…For those reading this who would like to show their support “for” the Meyers family, please go to…. 209 Meyers Creek.Rd. Trenton,Ontario or to..

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