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FOX NEWS: US Government behind Underwear Bomber?

New Information On Underwear Bomber

Attempted Plane Attack: Trial Date Set for Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab
Passengers Have Theory on What Really Happened
Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011

In-depth Interview with Kurt Haskell following his FOX News interview
January 25, 2011:

TruthSquad Exclusive: Kurt Haskell On New Underwear Bomber Revelations Part 1

TruthSquad Exclusive: Kurt Haskell On New Underwear Bomber Revelations Part 2

State Department Told Not to Revoke Christmas Day Bomber’s Visa

Kurt Haskell Blows Whistle On Underwear Bomber: Given Bomb By US Government To Boost TSA Budget & Implement Body Scanners

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  1. I figgin KNEW IT…No "REAL TERRORIST" would have been so inept! Soon as I hear the story brake in 2009 I knew it was an "INSIDE" Job…PEOPLE BETTER FRIGGIN WAKE-UP IN MASS and come together!

  2. It's not all that "startling."

    Tuskegee syphilis study

    Tonkin Gulf false flag attack

    Detaining suspects indefinitely without charge or attorney

    Trillions in taxes to bankers

    Eugenics (search Carrie Buck)
    etc., etc…

    Our government does this kind of thing. But the chickens are on their way home to roost. The American People will either trade their psychotic, out-of-control leaders for representatives, or it's all going to collapse around us.

    Please vote Ron Paul


  3. A well dressed Indian man gets the guy on the plane. Coincidentaly the CEO of the company manufacturing the scanners is a well known Indian businessman. It's just coincidence though is'nt it. As for the government agency that approved the guy getting on the plane nobody is saying which agency it was. No doubt Homeland security would have that information.If someone attempted a terrorist act should'nt the citizens of the USA be entitled to know who approved his flight with no passport?

  4. I knew it was inside job but another surprising factor is if he wanted to explode somethin, then do it over atlantic and in a washroom, why start lighting up your underwear on approach and 10 mins from Detroit.

  5. No surprise. 9/11, gulf oil spill-corexit, chemtrails, earthquakes-haarp, almost all the bad things going on were started by the illuminati who control the US and other parts of the world. Their day will soon come to pass. The meek shall inherit the earth, and the elite illuminati will have it's day on trial for all their crimes against humanity and the world. There is a list so long, there is surely a special place in Hell for these poor souls.

  6. Passengers on board the plane expose the fact that this was an inside job and most people are not even going to pay attention. These same people will call you crazy if you tell them that 9-11 was an inside job as well… Its time to wake up people. The government does not love you.

  7. It's about time that they start talking about this out in the open. Alex Jones has a 25min interview w/ Kurt Haskell on his page right now from 2/2/11 where he talks all about this.

  8. This has to make any sane person wonder how many terrorist attacks have even been legitimate terrorists.

    This and the past several " foiled terrorist attacks" here in the states were not terrorists at all. They were just unlucky people who were paid and i guess entrapped by the us government.

    Is that how we live now? You give a mental patient a fake bomb and then there's a foiled terrorist attack and homeland security is suddenly doing a good job or something?

  9. @undertow0510 Alex Jones had this news A YEAR AGO. Call Alex crazy all you want but you have to give him credit when he's got news a year before they admit to it on mainstream channels.

  10. @branchingvine

    I agree.

    Makes you wonder – if "real" terrorists even exist at all.

    We also know 9/11 was a complete hoax and 7/7 here in London.

    people should research:

  11. To me, It was clear this was an elaborate hoax and lie the moment I saw it on TV. The only master mind behind this and 9/11 are the USA government.

    Do we care? nop… We're too busy doing this……..

  12. God then why they say all the problems was made by Arabs and Muslims?
    and every body knows that Bn laden is from the CIA to fight sovet union in the 80s

  13. Dumb down America, keep 'em afraid & in check & go about your dirty business.

    Some day soon, all of this will blow back into your faces…
    The last domino to fall from the ME, North Africa & Europe will be in the good 'ol US of A

  14. Blah blah blah. Two liberal lawyers lying what a cliche. I guess the airport security video disappeard too right. how convienent

  15. I cant believe there are so many of you idiot that believe all this coo coo shit.So friggen dumb. Its easier to make up a boogyman so you all can be victims with someone to blame for your pathetic lives. Posting crak pot ideas and spreading them with the label of truth when all the evidence is thin or nonexistant.

  16. I heard a specialist say that the bomb could never go off since he didn't have the detonator for it. So what is going here? It is a case similar to Lee Harvey Osvald's, who thought he was working for secret service but who ended up being scarified for a greater interest.

  17. Anyway, whoever this dumb guy was working for, I hope he didn't really intend to kill innocent people. Otherwise he would deserve a stiff sentence.

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