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Fox News: Kosovo Albanian Islamic Terrorism/ Anarchy In USA

Three brothers, Kosovo Albanian Muslims charged in the alleged Fort Dix terror plot have been living illegally in the U.S. for more than 23 years and were accepted as Americans by neighbors and friends who had no idea they would scheme to attack military bases and slaughter GIs.

A federal law enforcement source confirmed that the three — Dritan “Anthony” or “Tony” Duka, 28; Shain Duka, 26; and Eljvir “Elvis” Duka, 23 — also accumulated 19 traffic citations, but because they operated in “sanctuary cites,” where law enforcement does not routinely report illegal immigrants to homeland security, none of the tickets raised red flags.

The brothers plus three other suspects in the alleged plot — Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer, 22; Serdar Tatar, 23; and, Agron Abdullahu, 24.

Five were charged with conspiracy to kill U.S. military personnel; the sixth, Abdullahu, was charged with aiding and abetting illegal immigrants in obtaining weapons.

Four of the arrested men were born in the former Yugoslavia – Kosovo Albanian Muslims, one was born in Jordan and one came from Turkey, authorities said. Three were in the United States illegally; two had green cards allowing them to stay in this country permanently; and the sixth is a U.S. citizen.

The foreign-born Muslims are accused of planning to assault the Army base and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. The unidentified clerk is being credited with tipping off authorities in January 2006 after one of the suspects asked him to transfer a video to DVD that showed 10 men shooting weapons at a firing range and calling for jihad, prosecutors said. Several of them said they were ready to kill and die “in the name of Allah,” prosecutors said in court papers. The group often watched terror training videos, clips featuring Usama bin Laden, a tape containing the last will and testament of some of the Sept. 11 hijackers, and tapes of armed attacks on U.S. military personnel, authorities said.

The men trained by playing paintball in the woods in New Jersey and taking target practice at a firing range in Pennsylvania’s Pocono Mountains, where they had rented a house, authorities said. “We believe they are their own cell”. “They are inspired by international terror organizations”.
Fort Dix last was in the international spotlight in 1999, when it sheltered more than 4,000 ethnic Albanian refugees during the NATO illegal bombing campaign against Yugoslavia.

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  1. lol i love how he throws anarchy into the mix here. "this is what anarchy looks like". lol. no, but if you are referring to America, this is, in fact, what fascism looks like.

  2. @orthodoxcrusader, what you said it's typical Serbian, no wonder we had a war, anyways, Albanians have two states now, there are more to come…

  3. @eboyd32 so it's fascist to not want terrorists in your country? what drugs are you on you stupid asshole. You have no idea what the word even means.

  4. @PaleBunnyInfidel no, "not wanting terrorists in your country" has nothing to do with the question of whether or not a country is fascist. fascism is the marriage of corporate and government power. the US reeks of this (think lobbyists and bailouts). this is the opposite of socialism, AKA "workers' control of the means of production".

  5. @woodoocaja you motherfucking liar your precious serbs killed thousands of men women and children don't act innocent you know very well what your country did!

  6. This tragic event in Frankfurt and the attempt by the 6 American raised Albanians to blow up the Fort Dix Military Base in New Jersey in 2007 is the thankyou Albanians give when you help them to bomb a whole nation and country's holy province 2 facilitate their separatist ambitions in Kosovo, where Bin Laden was personally involved:(( That's called Albanian gratitude-the Serbs should know..!!! Clinton & Blair should be held responsible 4 any terrorist attacks stemming from this breeding ground.

  7. ISLAM IS NOT Terroris stupid dick head people are just fucking asshole to believe we are terrorism fucking bitches

  8. What's up with you Serbs putting false titles on all your videos? None of these words are mentioned. Get a fuckin life Nokia

  9. @cleverfeller Kosova belonged to Albania before you took it, we've taken it back hahaha FUCK YOU SERPSKI!

  10. @HolySerbia Holy Serbia? More like Holy Shit, fuck you serbs KOSOVA is FREE from you enslavement! SERPANTSKIS!

  11. Clinton Administration greatly exaggerate Kosovo figures to garner support for bombing Christian serbs who were battling narco-jihad organ butcherers from the KLA
    Numbers were best available, officials say
    By Steven Komarow, USA TODAY

    Many of the figures used by the Clinton administration and NATO to describe the wartime plight of Albanians in Kosovo now appear greatly exaggerated as allied forces take control of the province.


  13. @cleverfeller well fuck your churches too cos any stories i've heard about churches is all about priests rapping children that is a fucking evil religion. sooo fuuuuuuuuuck you too

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  16. Bill o'riley you dog faced pedophile, why did you say Balkans you scum bag, why dont you say Albanians??? This is propaganda at its finest! Anything to smear Serbia as evil, shame on you all. Btw this is what happens when Albanians come to a country, I am so happy you helped them now you have a problem with em

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    Now that they are getting depleted,guess who's ass is going to get impaled?…
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    Bide away Montenegrin's Are as Albanian as I Am. They Just accepted Serbianism, The way most Albanians accepted Turkoslamism. Thank God I'M True Catholic Albanian and Proud. You want to still Fuck with Malsor Albania. Bring Plenty of AMMUNITION Cause you'r going to be there with the Greeks For a Long Time. We will use you as Targets

  20. Bill!! its a proven fact as we all know ..
    Youre a schmuck!!!

    These are Squiptars, your dear friends …. u wanted a criminal state in Europe… well u got one.. enjoy…

    Maybe soon some of the Americans will realise that Clinton administration was full of shit as usual…

    call us when u need help with the Mohamed lovers..

    Oh, btw. Mohamed was a pedophile!!!

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  22. This guys are not from Kosovo , they are from Macedonia and are 3 stupid motherfuckers , they do not represent Albanians

  23. why did he fail to mention where they from ? Oh no  that would make Bill C look like not so good, he is vary proud of his acomplishment in Kosovo .You see they all work for the same guys 

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