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Fox News Discuss Texas High School Racist “U-S-A! U-S-A!” Chant


People from the losing team of a Texas high school basketball game complained to the winning team’s school officials after student’s chanted “U-S-A, U-S-A” in victory.
Alamo Heights in San Antonio is comprised of mostly white players while Edison high school made up of primarily Latino players.
The accusation is that the chant directed at the team comprised of Latinos was racist.
The winning team’s coach stopped the teenagers from chanting and the local school district apologized.
The hosts of Fox News’ “The Five” discussed whether or not the chant was racist.

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  1. Well the team is hispanic and white people don't see hispanic as USA. They only see them as Mexican not american. For me is racism. I hope black and hispanic joint together to fight racism.

  2. I watch this video and whether it is a big deal or not, i just laugh at the blatant racism and arrogance of this Texas HS, as well as the incredibly ignorant and oblivious Fox News hosts. Classic 

  3. It's ridiculous how any other race can be blatantly racist but when white people chant usa it's racist it's so stupid

  4. The chant "USA!" is obviously not racist, it is so beyond obvious that the chant itself is not the issue here but the contents that in which it was yelled.

  5. You must realize that we must be politically correct. USA is now a banned word as is the bible and being a Christian. God forbid if you pray in front of anyone. You'll offend them. Hispanics can have their holidays as do moslems and display the Mexican flag. Almost everyone is allowed to do what they want except being a Christian or a patriotic American. We are just suppose to pay our taxes and shut up.

  6. when they're screaming "USA" at a bunch of brown kids, they're basically saying that these kids ARENT American. Therein lies the insult.

  7. I go to alamo heights high school and the fact that they are saying that this is racist is false. Alamo heights has many different races, yes most are white but we have Hispanics too.

  8. Well it's kind of racist and annoying when Mexicans say "viva mexico" to American people. Also those Mexican people are not the fan of soccer. They just want to get attention towards other group to insult or start fight.

  9. 65% of mexicans in usa are on welfare
    only 4% havfe a college degree
    Av iq of  mexican is 90.. white is 101

  10. They wouldn't have chanted USA if the other team was white because it wouldn't have made sense. They wouldn't have chanted USA if they were playing against black kids because it's not socially acceptable to do that, and if then they may have chanted USA because for a while Blacks weren't considered real USA's either. They did this to the other team because Hispanics are assumed to be illegal, therefor not USA (when in reality hispanics who live in the USA are just as USA as everyone else). I wish people in the USA would stop hiding behind the PC police, their ''jokes'', ''context'', and the excuse that goes along the lines of ''I don't consider myself a racist, therefor nothing I say no matter how racist or offensive it may sound can in fact be racist because I don't identify as a racist, that's why what I just said isn't racist, and in addition to that I've never experienced racism myself therefor it doesn't exist, therefor racial slurs don't exist either''………People in the USA, no matter how racist, sexist, offensive, sensitive, black, white, brown, tan, trans, gay, right, or left you are, could you please admit to your intent, calling someone names and then claiming that no intent of any kind was meant is just fucking STUPID. The rest of the would will own up to what they say, why can't you? And I don't even know why I'm talking to yall as if I'm not a USA because I've been a citizen of the USA since the day I came outta my moms vag. Anywho, this is stupid, fuck fox news.

  11. I love how Andrea Tantaros is a Greek (who can pass for Persian) bronze-colored babe who talks like she's Irish or German-American lol. her crazy ass is a minority herself, for what its worth. she probably wants to get her skin bleached and stays out of the sun to avoid turning too brown. her crazy conservative ass wishes she was white.

  12. i wasnt watching this show back then but Dana still seemed pretty nice, decent and sane then. they mustve told her to play up the white supremacism and partisanship or maybe shes just changed.

  13. Bitch were you there? You're a disgrace to your father. It was obviously racist. This should be a comedy channel so people don't accidentally believe this shit.

  14. when white ppl start to check other white ppl on their racism than we could start making progress.

  15. Why is when' something like this comes about' someone gets on a comments board and suggest that the person or persons should go back to their so-called' "Place of Origin" even when that person or persons are American born citizen? As if the person stating that was ever in a position to dictate that to begin with and then play dumb to their own recognized perception of privilege when they get called out for it from someone else. The true natives descendants had and still have to deal with and carry the burden of mass genocide through disease and outright murder because the invaders considered them to be savages to justify their so-called' way of life which merely nothing but their own true face of pure evil and savagery. Racism and bigotry was and still is' merely the tool but' economics and acquisition was clearly the agenda and to this very day' the descendants of the foreign invaders will still attempt to justify the brutal and deadly actions of their forefathers as a means of political correctness in an effort to simply explain their mere existence in this place and claim how great it is but' the question remains' " great for who?" for to answer such a question means having to deal with and recognize on a truthful scale and a global forum' the true nature of themselves and the nature of their forefathers where anyone else will find' absolutely' no distinction. Time does not change true intent and sentiment. Even when faced with it's own destruction' "Evil is still Evil" and it will NEVER! acknowledge itself or it's actions as such to anything or anyone other than itself.

  16. We taunt schools student sections all the time. For example, we chant "high school frat" when we face our rival who are mostly spoiled rich students

  17. Yes, "diversity is strength," indeed!! I remember this article from the "Los Angeles Times" waxing hot about diversity at "A.G. CURRIE MIDDLE SCHOOL in Tustin, Califronia. The school was celebrating diversity by flying 65 flags to represent it's students home countries. Principal Dan Brooks said he planned to turn Currie into a "model multicultural school" adding that although many view diversity as an obstacle, he saw "diversity as a strength. By 2009, the most recent statistics are available, A.G. CURRIE MIDDLE SCHOOL was 91% Hispanics.They're mostly composed of mexicocks. There's multicultural for you! Nine percent more mexicocks and it will have achieved perfect "diversity." Compared with other schools in Cali. A.G. CURRIE scored a D minus in math., a C in language, and a C+ in science…for an overall grade of D+. Wow! Diversity is a strength!

  18. You know who doesn't seem to like diversity?

  19. The white school did the correct thing by apologizing for they used the chant out of context to intimidate the Latino school. That chant is meant to be used by ALL for it is ALL inclusive!

  20. Juan Williams and Geraldo Rivera are nothing but a bunch of piece of s*** this is America USA USA USA USA Juan Williams if you don't like it pack your s*** along with the rest of the illegal alien third world trash that's invaded America and go back to that s***** call Mexico I don't think anybody in America is going to lose any sleep over it bunch of idiots

  21. Fox News should be ashamed of themselves I can't believe they pay a piece of s*** like Juan Williams to sit in front of a camera and spew his anti-American b***** on a daily basis this is what our country has become very sad

  22. anybody with a brain can see these so-called American citizens AKA illegal aliens just expose themselves anybody that's a real American that's simulated into America would never have a problem with somebody from America saying USA these are illegal alien anchor babies from the La Raza movement

  23. Real simple…. the school chanting USA USA is only doing it as a foolish self righteous taunt, towards the other school, thinking of themselves as the only Americans (white Western Europeans mostly) and are assuming that Mexicans from Edison High are not Americans or US citizens. It's a stupid and foolish way of thinking and unfortunately a lot of naive European Americans think like that…. European/Americans…. Mexican/Americans… African/Americans… we're all the same but for some obscure twisted way of racial thinking, some whites(European/Americans) think they are the only Americans who have the right to chant USA. Illegal Mexican immigrants only make up less than 25% of all Mexicans in America which means that more than 75% of Mexicans were born here in America which makes the huge majority of us Americans. My parents, grandparents and great grandparents were all born in San Antonio, TX. as well as myself and my own kids….. Guess what… we're all Americans. Parents need to teach their foolish uneducated teenage children facts about different races in their city so that they don't make fools of themselves chanting USA like its an insult to other Americans who just aren't white. USA USA USA!!!!! Love it or move to your own racist island far far away… I am a proud American who keeps an American flag always in my front yard and If this message upsets you, YOU are the problem in America today. This is not an all white America despite what the television and movies portray. I am a Hispanic-American citizen and I condone this message. LOL…. Peace and Love to all my non-racial peeps. #JustMyThoughts

  24. First of all some body teach them Mexicans to hoop…lol.
    damn loosing to them weak ass WHITE boys ,,,( that's what they get ) Winn next time …Hahahahaha..
    listen no offense I'm just trying to lighten up..
    truth is this was wrong….
    racism is taught and those white students are being taught well.
    Signed a Blackman…..

  25. I was there that did happen but also at the same time the other school was making fun of a kid that was paralized and were also chanting "Alamo whites" soo ya

  26. No body knows I am German -American … why not … Iris American, Spanish Am.. we are AMERICANS drop the prefixes ..

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