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Fox News attacks Al Sharpton’s MSNBC gig

Fox’s News Watch did a segment on rumors Al Sharpton may get a hosting spot on MSNBC. All the media analysts on the panel including faux liberal Kirsten Powers dig into his bias. Does News Watch spend any time investigating Fox News’ bias? That notion is laughable.

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  1. This shouldn't be news–FOX News always pulls this type of crap. I await the day when they'll finally be off air for good so there'll be less toxic nonsense from the right.

  2. @StoogeWatcher America won't apologize 4 slavery, Jim Crow, lynching, or the gross, structural, race-based injustice, that plagues Black ppl–on a daily basis–even NOW, in the present day. Given that, why then, should ANY Black man EVER apologize 4 ANYTHING he does, that offends the sensibilities of whites? Let alone, 4 coming 2 the aid & defense of a sexually assaulted Black teen. TB hasn't impacted ur personal existence, whatsoever. Geez, the arrogance of some whites NEVER fails 2 astound me.

  3. @realisticbro what fuckin world do you live in? FNC blows msnbc out of the water in number of viewers! The only people that actually have a brain that watch Sharpton's show are the ones that watch for humor cause the dudes such a fuckin moron.

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