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Four nations ready to start WW3 against US-China Prepares their military & MORE NEWS!

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-US cities fear WIPE-OUT as officials admit nuclear shelters DO NOT WORK
-Chinese President Addresses Military: Fear neither Hardship Nor Death
-Will China invade Taiwan by 2020
-Expert reveals four nations ready to start WW3 against US
-US health agency schedules briefing on nuclear war preparedness

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  1. Me: WW3 won't happen. No one wants to fight in WW3!

    sees video

    Oh when was this?

    6 hours ago


  2. There is no need for nuclear shelters, since Trump will nuke Kim, before he acquires reentry targeting capability. Kim will very soon have it, except that Trump is ready to nuke Kim, even now. War, famine and disease will rule over this planet, from this time, up to 2047 AD.. Destiny is destiny. Judgement is judgement. China and Russia might be thinking about not supplying Kim with the reentry technology, if nations well understand that the technology is destined to become an instant (not delayed), trigger for the end of the world, as it has been known. Still, destiny is destiny. (Nostradamus quatrain 9:83.) The US will strike NOKO somewhat by surprise, with NOKO triggering war. Even parts of China might be hit by surprise, and Iran and Russia might be, by whatever small amount, but in all cases, Trump will be carefully determining what degrees of aggression will make the most sense. China and/or Russia might or might not be deliberately, profoundly impacted in initial military strikes. Very much will depend on Trump. Four or more wars will be rolled into one. Palestine, Syria and Lebanon will also be taken into consideration, in particular. The list goes on. Generally, leaders, today, do not believe in predestination. Reality is generally beyond belief. But, God reveals reality, sometimes. There will be war at sea. It might be that Kim actually will start the war. Kim declared that the US already has started war at sea, and has begun war in any number of ways. Trump will be prepared for at least four wars at once, meaning, simultaneously. The US is a black panther of the night, and how hard will a panther work, to systematically kill and eat, to survive, one night at a time? Our times, and now Trump, are about stealth black shadow economics, to counter the pirates of the seas.

  3. Great Reporting Dina, The US government has been building fallout shelters (more like underground cities) in secret, but they are only for the rich and famous. Fully Stocked.

  4. REVELATION 9 1-20 speaks of a WAR , 2.4 billion will be wiped out !!! some say this must happen before 7 year tribulation to begin..

  5. The problem here is China, not North Korea. So, the free world needs to act accordingly. We need to, at the minimum , stop trade with China. If they will divert all their aggression toward making North Korea and the Korean peninsula nuclear free, then we can work out a balance of trade using tariffs. If not, then we can seize Chinese funds, assets, and mark bonds purchased by them as paid to cover the cost of removing North Korea. Anything is better than having a nuclear WW3 (NK will use them first !) and something has to be done. To put this off will only make it worse and give the shadow governments what they want, which is a massive reduction in world population and a one world government. An additional effect is massive radiation poisoning of the land. Yes, the world economy will crash, and, yes, China will crash and not recover. But the USA will recover, and resume as we did before our corrupt government sold us out. Thank GOD for the Trump administration and President Trump. Otherwise, we would be doomed anyway. May God give us the strenght to overcome evil.

  6. So in reality what your saying is basically this. The United States must bow down to the hermit kingdoms demands and comply with his wishes or face total destruction from nuclear attacks from Russia, China and Iran! The United States Armed Forces against The Gang of Three! Allow me to give you my most direct answer as a proud American! The bad news is we have the enemy in front of us, we have the enemy behind us, we have the enemy to our right flank and to our left flank and we are surrounded! Now here is the good news! WE HAVE THEM RIGHT WHERE WE WANT THEM!

  7. Well RUSSIA and CHINA needs to realize the US has ALLIES too. SO if they want to blow up the whole world including their Countries too, for NORTH KOREA bring it on. Everyone needs to start praying.

  8. They say no nukes ok we won't we will just us Ballistic missiles against your city's then if they try invading there are 300k Millions Americans so those 4 can't handle the US

  9. Taiwan needs to think about a preemptive attack on the Chinese invasion force and the many missiles aimed at Taipei..

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