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Former Thai Royal Navy SEAL dies during cave rescue

Saman Gunan lost his life during rescue efforts of twelve boys and their soccer coach from a flooded cave in Thailand.

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  1. He was carrying extra bottles of air to spread out along the cave trail and then he runs out of air? And where was his buddy to give him buddy breathing technique or use spare regulator (octopus, if they used them)??? Very Strange!!! So this was not like he died just trying to go from the entrance to the kids, he died while carrying spare scuba cylinders to different locations which is way more complex than just going from point a to b. And By the way, just because a kid can't swim does not mean be can't use Scuba Gear!!! Lots of people learn to dive who never learned to swim! Though, most Caring instructors do teach them basic swimming and floating techniques when they run across non swimmers. Scuba requires no swimming as per the usual meaning of swim. The gear is all designed to keep divers afloat on the surface. Unless you have to take a tank off to get through a narrow passage the boys should all be able to scuba out without any problems. So if you can put a regulator and a mask on, make sure they wont dislodge you can basically walk or crawl on the bottom of the cave (as they walked in) with a Scuba tank either on your back or held in front of you. Even though the water is muddy with a guide line and a diver in front and behind each boy this really should be a easy rescue!

  2. Just heard a radio news report the kids can hear search dogs barking overhead through a few ground level crevices….lololol

  3. Explain!! why enter a dodgy man-made cave to light a candle and scatch your initials on a rock to the dubious reputation of a fat hindi drop out dad philosopher!! especially in the middle of monsoon time….with no plumbing!!!!!!! lololol

  4. Trust me!!! Budhist's are total black heart'ed kunts! -they want the tax free status to remain, …but self insist they aren't a religion….wankers eh! -I've got a few philosophies too…but I happily pay tax and don't tell lies during it.

  5. Auh.!!!
    How his mom feeling .I know she really feeling sosad and she miss her child.he really abravo man.
    I very miss him.and All friends gone too.

  6. The tragedy of the Thai Navy SEAL who lost his life is compounded by the fact that many here, especially on the Left, assumed it was a US Navy SEAL and shouted things like "Trump rallies in Montana while our troops die".

    We should all mourn his death for the heroism he showed in trying to help the young boys.

  7. A person losing their life because of blatant STOOOOOPITY, REBELLION, AND DISREGARD. Dumb little bastards ignored the danger signs and went into this cave, they basically killed this diver, but hey, this is what's going on in the world today, stupidity is costing a loot of people their lives, and livelihood.

  8. As a rescue worker, this is hard to see such needless and easily preventable loss of life.. Where are the real professionals?

  9. Saman Gunan.
    My humble Salutations to you.
    You can now rest. You have given your all to your country and people without them asking.
    Great job!!!

  10. some Warriors carry sword and shield to hand , the '' Teams '' carry them carved into there Hearts and Souls ,“You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got.” Saman Kunan YOU gave it ALL you had , TOTAL RESPECTS Warrior in Peace Saman Kunan , My sincere condolences to your loved ones and buds …^~~^

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