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Former Secretary Janet Napolitano: Americans Are Desperate For A Pause | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Former Homeland Security Secy. Janet Napolitano says Americans are desperate for a pause and real strategy. Napolitano also discusses controversial speeches at U.S. colleges and First Amendment rights.
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Former Secretary Janet Napolitano: Americans Are Desperate For A Pause | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Hello USA. Greetings from the rest of the world. You are a laughing stock. A total laughing stock. Janet Napolitano advocates paying for protection for Hitler and Himmler on the UCal campuses. What a joke. She should be removed.

  2. Napolitano makes a bit of a stupid comparison at the end by saying, "you have to remember that once upon a time it was the advocates for human rights that were being shut down at campuses across the USA". It's true, yes ok, but those people's lines of arguments (human rights and equality) were worth fighting for to give them a platform. You shouldn't fight for the rights of bigots and hate-mongers to speak in public. That is political correctness gone mad. Freedom of speech, yes, but providing arenas, forums and platforms for hate, wtf? Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

  3. The only reason people feel this way is because of the fake news you people spread in your insane hatred of President Donald Trump.

  4. "The Paradox of Tolerance acknowledges that some speech should not be protected precisely because allowing it to go forward promotes the destruction of the basis of free speech…reduc[ing] free speech overall by intimidating and silencing [minorities, such as people of color] and their advocates.

    Here’s another way to think about the Paradox of Tolerance: a tolerant society must protect its own existence if tolerance is to exist in the world. If tolerating intolerance results in the destruction and disappearance of tolerant society, then that tolerant society has a right to self-protection – in the form of refusing to tolerate intolerance. The Paradox of Tolerance suggests that we should view advocacy of intolerance and persecution as a criminal behavior in and of itself. Many European countries do have specific laws making advocacy of white supremacy illegal, in contrast to the United States.

    Consider World War II: The more intolerant fascist Axis powers wanted to destroy more tolerant societies completely, and the Allied powers had to fight back – be intolerant – in order for more tolerant societies to exist today. In fact, the Paradox of Tolerance was formulated and named in 1945, as World War II was winding down. The effects of fascism, including World War II, were much more devastating in many European countries, which may be one reason free speech laws in European countries tend to specifically outlaw marches by neo-Nazis and similar forms of pro-fascist speech, in line with the Paradox of Tolerance." – Valerie Aurora

  5. Americans are strange people worried about all these outside threats and at the same time tearing yourselves apart from within I don't think you realize what your doing is NOT normal, I don't think it will end well

  6. MORNING JOKE supports Janet Napolitano that PREVENTS FREE SPEECH at Berkley…That makes sense ask Kelley Anne Conway…What are they afraid of ???

  7. Trump gone one way or another before the end of 2017. Inside job much like JFK. Otherwise we will suffer beyond your worst nightmares.

  8. Our young people need to know about Malcolm X my daddy made me write a report about Malcolm X because my school did not teach about him

  9. Life is a walk down a dark street. You know it's dangerous but you have to keep walking. People want a break where all they have to worry about is personal worries. Not universal.

  10. I truly believe that in 2018 Trump is going to take us to WW3 and we are going to be friendless. I think the country will be upset and not support it but people will be patriotic and step up to support it and this will be the death of us all.

  11. 2 Things: Worrying never does anything except disturb your own mind. It changes nothing but your thoughts and 2nd we have been at war since 2003. A nuclear war would be a new twist and a catastrophic one bringing it all to a new level but make no mistake the USA is a warring nation akin to the Roman Empire in many ways. Semper Fi

  12. Look at UK laws on free speech it could be a model it allows free speech but has some conditions, with penalties, but they are seen as common sense

  13. Don't just blame the youth for the anti free speech, the majority of Americans no doubt boomers are complaining about the NFL protest. Americans have never liked free speech that disagrees with them.

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