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Flour Bluff High School on National News

Flour Bluff High School on Fox News about educational video gone wrong

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  1. Because it is partly to blame, if not completely. Of course the MSM is going to target and attack this. Nothing wrong with the quiz.

  2. That is absolutely ridiculous. That lady was just trying to be an attention whore quite clearly. It obviously backfired since Fox News picked it up! I'd be ashamed just being mentioned on there!! I'm a proud American and am against any set form of terrorism just as much as the next guy, but you cant just hide the truth from kids. What happens here, matters over there. It doesn't take a genius to realize the obvious. I haven't even taken that course (I'm a freshman at FB) and I knew the answer…

  3. Based on that short clip of the video I would be more than happy for my child to be taught this. I briefly attended Flour Bluff High School and it looks like they may have made some huge changes since I was there. Children should be taught this and not brainwashed into thinking the USA is amazing and wonderful and always right.

  4. I don't think there is anything wrong with this video. Our younger generations need to know that the US is not always right in everything we do. And it is very true that what we do as a nation, effects the rest of the world, just look at the economy; our started to go down, so the worlds began to go down with it…except for China. I go to Carroll High School, and I will say…Flour Bluff High School, is a great school, and I do not believe that their actions involving this video were with bad intentions towards there students.

  5. I went to the school 6 years ago they should have kept that video in tact and not gotten rid of it they should have left it the way it is and still be showing it to this very day I'm ashamed of them from removing it

  6. That video is actually correct. Contrary to popular belief, we are a target for terrorism because we invaded two countries and do things like "accidentally" kill civilians in drone strikes. Not to mention we armed Al Qaeda back in the 1988 Soviet-Afghan war. Our country is not perfect, and the actions we take have consequences. Flour Bluff was correct by including this in their curriculum. Most public school History classes are biased and just plain wrong on some accounts.

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