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Falana Says Latest Defections Across Political Parties In Nigeria Illegal Pt.1 03/08/18 | [email protected] |

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  1. This is the time for Chairman of APC  Oshiomhole  to recruit good APC card carrying members to replace the APC defectors and then let them go to court.  Chairman Oshiomhoile need to be thankful that this is going on with corrupt criminals running the other way as he is coming.  RECRUIT AND REPLACE.

  2. Oga SAN i have great regards for your comments on national issues which is non partisan but on this I beg to disagree where were you when tambuwal,saraki and co jumped ship prior to 2015 elections?now they have defected and is an issue?didn't some lawmakers also leave the pdp to the other divide.abeg na una dey always talk of freedom of association ooo.and to oshiomole when you came together you didn't know then or rather forgot they were corrupt now they are leaving one by one and all of a sudden they are no longer progressives!!!hmmm God is watching ooo

  3. U APC ppl have failed Nigerians. These guys that left APC has conscience,where is urs.?people are dying daily lead by Buhari Boko haram brothers.

  4. So Hausa fulani have started kidnapping igbo girls and children now aby.well
    Igbo guys wakeup now is the time, they started it now ,

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