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Ex-Fox contributer: Fox News will sue me for speaking out today

Former Fox News contributor Tamara Holder says the abusive behavior at the network and alleged silencing by 21st Century Fox Chairman Rupert Murdoch ruined her life.

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  1. I wonder if it would be possible to calculate the damage that Murdoch has done around the world. He is about division and nastiness and only that. That's how he has run his empire. This is his business model.

  2. This is pure bull. I've never seen her on Fox News. The left have been trying to bring down Fox News for years for telling the truth! CNN, you have a bad reputation for reporting false information. I suggest you start reporting real, honest news and lay off the baloney!

  3. Well she was lying she wasn't sued, she impeached her own credibility, but being a provable liar doesn't preclude one from a career as a CNN "reporter".

  4. I like her and Sally Yates too. I think she might do well in an election this fall. WWE had to rebrand their product because it wasn't wrestling. Fox is not news and ought to be required to explain they are just entertainment with no bearing on facts and truth.

  5. To these assholes saying fake news. Maybe their mother ,sister, wife etc. Needs to be sexually assaulted to come out of the dark side. Then again it may not matter to them because women are beneath them , just mans property, and dont deserve to be treated humanely or fairly. Trumptards want things to go back when women and people of color "knew their place" timesup assholes.

  6. Fox is a shit outfit. How many times that blithering idiot Bill O'Riley got away with sexual assault. Asshole should be in jail, at least he's no longer polluting the airwaves. Hope she finds a good next career step.

  7. If you don't want to talk about it your doing a good job doing so …….Move on lady…you took the cash payout,,now nobody's going to hire you now.stupid choice you made…Should have moved on as soon as you were so called abused…Now your damaged goods,and a liability for anyone that would want to hire you..Funny if i don't like my job for whatever reason i get another one did it before and ill do the same again… And i don't look Back at any of it….AND I DON'T BURN MY BRIDGES LIKE YOU DO HOW STUPID…

  8. Fox and their board members should be ashamed of themselves for what they allowed their male workers to continually get away with. this is fucking disgusting. I think its disgusting that these women get abused, and then get sued if they talk about it. this world is going to hell. but i hope the me too movement ends sexual assault and harassment


  10. Murdock gave up his australian citizenship to own a FOX, indicative of what Murdick will do to make money. His UK papers scandal, and of course he knew.

  11. Only states you can't work for Fox or it's affiliates after making your false claim against them. You were paid 2.5 million dollars to keep your mouth closed you could be sued by Fox now. If you can't get a job anywhere else then maybe it is because you are not qaulafied or just using it as an excuse to not work or trying to milk Fox out of more money.

  12. Justice all talking and doing all you whant like you decide for me play Whit life's feelings names games lie's right s and do show off her life and converter and shadow off you City and then said close you speak you make all those eso es lo mas bajo y repugnante que e escuchado verguenza de Tanta falta abria de aver por manipuladores mentirosos y causantes de destruction

  13. Well now isn't that special. Running to Brian "the CUCK" Stetler with this Earth shattering news just like Greta Carlson who is now embroiled in a lawsuit for Lying in court. LMAO!

  14. Oh oh yes there is a lot wrong with you miss holder, you're a bad actor, no role for you.This woman is pathetic running to cry to the news house where all the haterage flaming journalists, contributors and commenters reside. I agree this man went out of line by exposing himself to a nun or anyone else but just watch out, there is real life out there where human beings have body with its parts. This case could have been solved a lot wiser way. Need to think how this woman acts as a lawyer. Why does this sound like …there is this or that girl friend bringing up crap, the play mate girls now a former worker…all women (and Dems?) makes me think if Hilary or Nancy or both together are arranging a "tea party".

  15. Yep… I am a chicky… way better looking than her… worked in a man's world most of my life…. in a man's position…. with all men…. was respected… yeah… my opinion she's lying….

  16. She comes about as slightly hysterical, which is a pitty… Ok..firstly a slight issue with emotional matureness might trigger nascissistic men to target specifically such women, secondly being assaulted as she was plus being demeaned by Murdoch would get any person hysterical……My point…presicely that principle is unfortunate..because, like this, there is always some ammunition around to suggest that women accusing men of sexual assault are hysterical attention freaks (or golddiggers…often in the same breath). I think this is a persistent pattern, you speak out as a woman, it will notjust be denied but you will be consciously stepped on over and over, just to keep you off balance and undermine your credebility

  17. Probably a planted agent sent to cause havoc at fox…she did settle so she should shut the F up. She sounds like Kathy Griffin.

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