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Emma Gonzalez gives speech at March for Our Lives rally

Speaking at the March for Our Lives event in Washington, Marjory Stoneman Douglas student Emma Gonzalez memorializes the victims of the Parkland school shooting and tells demonstrators to fight for their lives so someone else won’t have to.

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  1. Emma: "Children like me demand a gun-free country where myself and my clique may ostracize and bully womever we please in relative safety. It doesn't matter what I did. My actions are excused since I'm on the right side or should I say, left side."

    I can already see him wearing an ANTIFA mask bullying and beating up unarmed voters by next election.

  2. This is why we need more mental health care for teens like cruz the gun did not kill 17 lives the urge to pick up the fire arm and go to the school to shoot the gun did not go to the school to shoot . Cruz was mentally unstable therefore instead of saying " oh I did nothing wrong its all the guns fault" you should be campaigning for for mental health care well its not his fault you bullied him into doing it

  3. Thank God we don't have to hear this bald broad whine anymore. She had he 15 minute of fame and she's out of the spotlight now.

  4. 6 mins and you'd stop bullying a kid to the point of him losing his shit…….you then would start trying to bully America as a whole because you couldn't keep your trap shut………Sit your tiny ass down numb nuts.

  5. Shut the fuck up you balled headed turd, Who the fuck are you to bully anyone anyways aren't you an activist for like a gay club

  6. Everyone please stop trying to support this POS. She just wants fame and wants get us all killed by attempting to ban guns. The 2nd Amendment should NEVER be taken away from us. For those who don't know, Nikolas (shooter) had a case of autism and Emma bullied him. With the Florida shooting (RIP to all the students who were killed) she wanted to take that opportunity to get fame and make a complete idiot of herself. Also look at her flag on her arm she clearly gives 0 🖕 about the US. Idc what anyone says but Emma is being a stuck up, lying ***

  7. She is wearing a Cuban patch a symbol of communism which has a history of disarming it's citizens and slaughtering them wholesale

  8. Emma, your victimhood is awful…but it does not make you an expert on anything. The left and the media can use you as a pawn in their agenda all they want, but not everyone is buying it. I call BS. The silent majority still rules…not those who simply scream the loudest and appear on TV. Trump 2020.

  9. So sad to see people not believe the message, but have to find any flaw in the performance. That she smiled coming backstage. Would she be more convincing if she smiled delivering her message? Don't you believe there has been a mass-shooting? Don't you think that these kids actually finds strength in each other, and when they have holding a massive speech to many 100K of listeners, they are glad to see their friends. You trumpsters Call them liars, though your "leader" has been caught in lying thousands of times.

  10. Was this really her fucking speech? Desperately trying to evoke emotion by staring into the crowd for minutes?

  11. More than half of the speech is her just standing there. Oh my feelings. Get out of your rich neighborhood and walk around the ghetto for a while, and tell me what gun laws help? Not them. How does a gun law help someone who's mentally unstable? It doesn't. The war on guns will play out just like the war on terror and drugs.

  12. I'm sorry but your involvement and passionate opinion on a school shooting doesn't make you an expert on gun law.
    I'm sick of liberals acting as if this young woman is a leader when she's extremely incompetent.

  13. I had to come check this out. I'm glad to see this girl isn't famous anymore. So glad this has died down.

  14. spread em bitch. your mother will respect you more for the whore lesbian she raised you to be, and oh. stop driving up the price of batteries, use a real cock instead of that fake CNN dildo

  15. Now I’m not saying she’s an actor, but something about the looks on her face make me think she’s hiding something…

  16. emma was a bully at school and david wasnt present at school the day of the shooting, both bullshiters

  17. Its all about power the left dont give a shit about no one or anything.all they want is power which is money..

  18. Well it wont stop in till the bully ing stops ok school shootings wont stop in till the bullys stop its ether you stop the bullys or let the kids being bullied shoot the bullys and harm others make the choice there no turning back

  19. Nov 6 1992 I was shot in the head and I don't comprehend that bullsht coming out of your Kat kissing Dyke mouth BITCH

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