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Donald Trump To CNN Reporter: You Are Fake News | CNBC

At his first press conference since Election Day, President-elect Donald Trump answers questions about fake news and the media, while avoiding press questions from organizations he considers “terrible.”
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Donald Trump To CNN Reporter: You Are Fake News | CNBC

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  1. Finally! decades over due, an intelligent president bluntly telling the truth!!! Corporate fake news, you are dinosaurs and only fossilized brains rely on you for the "truth" , go away, go extinct! Constantly trying to sell the next war.

  2. you are the disgrace rolald rump. the president of the usa doesn't know what's real LOOL WTF is be bringing up nazi germany. sick sick man. glad he's not running my country LMAO

  3. People were even clapping when he called them out for being #fake news I ♡ it. The country has also gotten better in just 8 months; GDP up 3% and stock market hitting records. Lot of companies are hiring again.

  4. "Alt-right racist CNN reporter tries to suppress women in journalism by not allowing her to speak at Trump's press conference"

  5. I laughed way harder than I should've when he called Buzzfeed a failing pile of garbage. He just said what everyone already knows.

  6. CNN is saying journalist's put their lives on the line in defense of Trump's criticism and that is true but that's not what the President is talking about. He is talking about how CNN has become a 24/7 Trump bashing network that rarely talks about anything else but Trump in a negative light. Anyone get see this by watching CNN for an hour or so. CNN has earned the name "FAKE NEWS" because they loop their liberal, bisexual agenda with no attempt at reporting anything that doesn't fit their views. Remember when news would just report the news? News anchors didn't chime in on their own personal opinion they would just report the facts. CNN is the king of all fake news. The other major news outlets on television are the same just not as bad. If you want to find real news you have to go onto the internet because all major media is controlled.

  7. No news media station will ever tell it like it is. Ever! Unless they were people of good conscience and morals. This is why journalism is dead!

  8. President Trump should distinguish between fake news which is anything on the internet and non-fake news which is fake news, often from the web, that has been verified as accurate by media outlets that claim to be providing real news to the public.

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