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Donald Trump struggles with lyrics to God Bless America

US president Donald Trump joins in singing Irving Berlin’s God Bless America during his ‘celebration of America’ at the White House, but his lips appear to be sealed for the trickier lines. The event was hastily changed after the president disinvited Super Bowl winners the Philadelphia Eagles as part of the ongoing row over kneeling during the national anthem.
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Trump’s ‘celebration of America’ in lieu of cancelled Eagles gala fails to shine ►

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  5. Trump is such a disgrace. Even 5-year olds know the words to the 1st verse of "God Bless America". Such a real patriot he is!

  6. What is going to happen to the United States with Trump in office? It should scare people right out of their seats. President Trump does not know the law. He cannot write a bill. Trump is not capable reading cables without asking questions. He does not have integrity. Mr. Trump refuses to follow the letter of the law. Is the country in jeopardy of a Constitutional crisis?

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