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Donald Trump Slams Fox News | msnbc

Donald Trump says that he is surprised how “unprofessional” Fox News was in their treatment of him during the first 2016 GOP Debate.
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Donald Trump Slams Fox News | msnbc

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  1. MSNBC loving that the only other cable news network out there burying them in viewership is being "slammed" by Trump. LMAO!

  2. It was unfair? The front runner in any election is always grilled more then any other, as they are expected to deserve more attention and scrutiny. Unless your Hillary then everyone just gives you a pass saying it's her turn.

  3. Fox targeted Trump and others for destruction – and ended up destroying the whole field.

    Fox did a better job at destroying ALL the Republican candidates than CNN ever could.

  4. PLEASE don't get rid of this clown yet!!!
    I've been very entertained by this thin skinned blowhard….
    He's like Attitude Era Vince McMahon come to life… LMFAO!!!

    I need Trump to set up a Bras and Panties match between Megyn Kelly and Elizabeth Hassleback.

  5. FIX NEWS…I meant Fox News HAS SUNK TO A NEW LOW!!!  You NEVER…EVER see or hear democrats attack their own like Fox did to its top hopefuls for 2016!!  And EVERYONE knows Mark Zuckerburg is a BIG lefty and Obama WHAT IS FOX NEWS doing partnering with Facebook for the 1st Republican debate?!1 That struck me as VERY strange indeed when I saw the FB logo in all the camera shots.  

    It stinks the high heaven to me!! I smell a RAT AND IT'S DRESSED LIKE A FOX! 

    *****TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2016!*****

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