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Donald Trump picks a fight with Justin Trudeau

After an already tense G7 meeting, U.S. President Trump took to Twitter to attack host Justin Trudeau. Trump left the summit early for a meeting with long-time foe Kim Jong-un, but he’s managed to leave a trail of broken friendships in his wake. CBC’s Wendy Mesley speaks with Foreign Affairs minister Chrystia Freeland about the nature of the Canada-U.S. relationship.
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  1. No more to say about how ignorant this situation is.
    Just give me 5mins with this ignoramus and he'll be stuttering and pooping himself…GUARANTEED!!
    Doubt me?? Try me!!

  2. He thinks he is the emperor of the world. Mark my words, if he is still alive he will try to run for a third term.

  3. Trump just doesn't get it. Would this hurt Canada more? Absolutely, but Canada trades enough with enough US states, and most of them red states, that they could easily make Trump a 1 term president AND wipe out the Republicans in November.

  4. You Canadians are a joke we’re 20% of your Academy Your 1% of ours We own your liberal country And trump just got done saying your latte drinking liberal president just lost Canadiens a lot of money lol… SHOWTIME!!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  5. Why is canaduh even included in g7 country? China is far more wealthier than canaduh. Kick canada out and let russia and china in.

  6. You Canadians refuse to report on the real story of the G7 Instead You are backing Trudeau who is leading Canada to Economic end. and Possibly war with USA which Canada can't win. — What is so bad Having economic and friendly Relations with Russia ? On April 26, 1954 The decree of the Presidium of the USSR Supreme Soviet transferring the Crimea Oblast from the Russian SFSR to the Ukrainian SSR — Putin Wrote back Crimea back to the Russian Constitution. The Real Reason why Russia got kicked out by the G7 members it is because Putin put stop to the EU/NATO expansion into Ukraine.

  7. Jackal Trudeau deserved a sound rebuke from President Donald Trump. Because of Jackal Trudeau's transgression Donald Trump slapped tariffs on Canada to shame him and anger Canadians to prepare to vote out the Jackal and the Liberal Party. I hope Canada can present Douglas Ford and Andrew Scheer in a positive light to make Canada Great Again. I hope a new Conservative Leadership in Canada can work with President Trump in a favorable way. They may have to apologize to President Trump for the foolish behavior of the Jackal.

  8. trump is having an impact on canada already. supposed refugees who landed in the usa 2o yrs ago are flooding daily to canada, they never worked in the states i doubt they will work in canada.. just drain us build a wall

  9. Polite? Reasonable? Eh? Let’s torch the White House like we did back in the good old days. We can blame N Korea…or Russia…or Iran…or Isis, or China. I’m sure they will steal the credit anyways.

  10. Dear Canada and allies, Please don't think Americans in general agree with Trump on anything. He's a psychopath, megalomaniac, and a huge liar. Anyone who admires a dictator has to be insane!

    Frankly, I side with Canada and the allies, not trump on ANYTHING!

    Hang in there, his term as president will end & he'll be gone before too long.
    If he is re-elected, I'll leave the US.

  11. eh Justin the boy Prime minister is a suicidle man in his agenda. zero knowledge in negative position to act like an ambassador. but Dennis Rodman the boy beat them all to act like an ambassador to guerillia convinced and friend the N. korean leader😘.

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