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Donald Trump Message at The Embassy’s Opening ceremony in Jerusalem – BBC News

President Trump did not travel to Jerusalem for the opening ceremony, but a video message from him was just played on a big screen there.

“Exactly 70 years ago today the United States under Harry Truman became the first nation to recognise the state of Israel,” he said. “Today we open the US embassy in Jerusalem. It’s been a long time coming.”

He added: “Today Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government, and the home of the Israeli legislature and supreme court and its prime minister and president.

“Israel is a sovereign nation with the right like every other to determine its own capital. But for many years we failed to acknowledge the obvious.”

Mr Trump said he had accomplished the relocation “many many years ahead of schedule”, and the US would “always be a great friend to Israel and a partner in the cause of freedom and peace”.

The ceremony in Jerusalem began with the US ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, officially declaring the new embassy open.

“Today, we open the United States embassy in Jerusalem, Israel,” he said. “Again the US leads the way as the first nation to do so.”

He credited Mr Trump’s “courage and moral clarity” for the embassy move, adding: “We owe an enormous and eternal debt of gratitude.”

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  1. Rip muslims, As always, Stay sleeping, Stay being lazzy, Good job, let the world laugh at you dear muslims, staaay sleeping while others are doing whatever they want to us

  2. Our president, Donald J. Trump is awesome. Thank you for Making America Great Again and supporting Israel!

  3. Fuck trump Jerusalem not the capital of Israel it's the capital of Palestine, Muslim power will again.

  4. Breaking News: Big step forward for the denuclearization of the Middle East:
    Israel inviting international weapon inspectors to count Israel's own nukes.

  5. Mr. trump you are a pressident of the Miss Universe pageant, so back to join beauty pageant as Miss Trump Universe.

  6. Israel is occupied territory and is not a Sovereign nation.. period. This joker has gone against the will of Yahweh the most high
    and His will that the seed line of Cain today's Edomite Jews will be vagabonds and wanderers and never have a nation of their own. Judgement will come down on Donald Trump from the heavenly realm. He made the wrong decision to go against the ever living God.

  7. Freedom and Peace? Did he just say FREEDOM AND PEACE? Where? Where, my fellow friends? Palestinian Country? Are they in peace right now? Think before you talk.

  8. Israel guiltily of war crimes Gaza’s water is slowly being poisoned by Israel after last weeks slaughter
    Palestine asked the UN for an emergency meeting the only country to Vito was the USA
    Hagee’s endorsement of Trump in the end times false pastors will be shown

  9. Islam Destroys Humanity.
    Atheizm Creates Humanity.
    Cristianity Loves Humanity.
    Communism Equals Humanity.
    Illuminatizm Lights the Humanity.

  10. America isolatetIt’s impressive, Trump managed to secure his legacy in the Middle East in less than two years. He relocated the US Embassy to Jerusalem thereby killing peaceful Palestinian protesters and any peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians and just weeks earlier voided the Iranian nuclear peace agreement.

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