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Donald Trump Chaos: Cohn Out, Conway Broke Law, Nunberg Cooperating | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence O’Donnell recaps a tumultuous day in the Trump White House, which includes Kellyanne Conway’s Hatch Act violation. Reporter McKay Coppins explains why Sam Nunberg was “celebrating” his shocking media meltdown on Monday. Trump biographer Tim O’Brien joins.
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Donald Trump Chaos: Cohn Out, Conway Broke Law, Nunberg Cooperating | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. People should start investigating and seriously imprison those who represent themselves Americans and stream their channels, but they might be living elsewhere and try to bring hate around us.

  2. These creeps believe the law is not for them, they are above the law. The American white house is a criminal concern ran by a criminal family. What a pathetic joke.

  3. Careful of those, who are sending email to you gmail, where an address is written on the bottom as American address, but it could be anyone, because when the populate create their website can simply write fake address and then everyone thinks USA Americans are haters and criticizing.

  4. Hahahaha Conway broke the law while in an interview room talking? Hahahah haha these abhorrent piles of excrement are getting out of control hahahah

  5. I respect you, but why did you have to mention the race and gender of tne legislator slandered by Kelly?

  6. This POS can't hold a candle to Conway , she has more class in her Pinky then him and all his writers ,

  7. I'm not a Trump fan. I'm not. Lawrence O'Donnell's strident commentary scrapes my nerves. Lawrence O' Donnell is the Left's Rush Limbaugh, but is not quite as good. He picks thru the day's news and purposely distorts, and bends, and shades the news items. Limbaugh is pro-Conservative, and gets tiresome by playing those single notes. O'Donnell is baldly anti-Trump. And anyone that's not already in the cheering anti-Trump crowd has to be repulsed by O'Donnell's hatchet work.

  8. Everyone wants to work in this White House? What a farce. This wicked filth desecrates the sanctity of the White House.

  9. You know – this whole episode has been so bizarre that nothing much could surprise us anymore – excepting, perhaps, waking up one morning to find Putin sitting in the empty White House addressing the nation as the stand in President. Its all one strange sci fi movie unfolding

  10. Our"moron" president tries so hard to seem normal. Ain't working. The world will be a better place when he's gone!!!!!

  11. ….only the best people…. Uh-huh. Great, if it's about a Dog&Pony show…..then one could say "great casting". In the real world there is new recognition: "United States of America" has become synonymous with "Banana Republic". Nothing "great" about that. More like: disgusting.

  12. Really??!! "Chaos theory doesn't work when you're the president of the US" ???? ….and yet here we are…. I hope the entire ilk goes to prison. Traitors, they are. Corrupted by the lowest of factors: their own greed.

  13. Expect mysterious deaths to start occurring as the press gets closer to the agents of Putin that are living and thriving in this country.

  14. They have energy… like Chernobyl on 1986 April 26 or Fukushima Daiichi on 2011 March 11. The White House is a toxic disaster site which is going to leave this nation into a wasteland.

  15. This Whitehouse is a shame. They all must go before the US falls into a constitutional crisis. The World is laughing. SAD.

  16. From TS 4:066:20, Lawrence O'Donnell lambastes Trump and his White House Staff for their many lies, "every single day". And then what does Lawrence O'Donnell do? He lies, himself. From TS:9:00 – 9:15 . O'Donnell states, "I want to take a look something that is a copyrighted feature of the Rachael Maddow program, the Rachael Maddow Show, uh, and this is Rachael's Giant Big Board of Trump Administration Departures…". The Lie? That the Giant Big Board of Trump Administration Departures is a copyrighted feature. That is a lie. Titles, Names, Commonly Known Information, Lists, Facts and Data, Short Phrases, and Expressions can not BE copyrighted. So, what's the deal? Lying is okay as long as you don't do it "every single day"?

  17. The absolute 'sh"thole" of MSNBC is Lawrence O'Donnell. He is a MALICIOUS small minded and INDECENT man. O'Donnell is a DISGRACE.

  18. The MSNBC malicious use of stupid, out of his depth, Sam Nunberg is so OBVIOUS as to be infantile. SHAME on MSNBC, you are a DISGRACE.

  19. He looks like the Dream Master from Doctor Who. I wish he was, then maybe we could wake up from this Moron-run cesspool, hellish, circling the drain nightmare that is the Trump Administration.

  20. Year one… Trump achieved 64% of his agenda…surpassing even Ronald Reagan achievement score in installing his campaign policies! Don't look like a President in chaos..more like pure energy that is focused and looking to do great deeds for the nation and the American people! MAGA!

  21. Kellyanne is a human violation. That she is allowed to get away with her ignorance of the law, makes us all think that the law is no longer important.

  22. Wait one minute here! Trump in his Oath of Office during his inauguration swore to uphold the laws of the land did he not? In doing so, he MUST absolutely address the issue of those who broke the Hatch Act and move ahead with bringing forth consequences – otherwise, he is displaying a 'two weights two measures' attitude which completely defies and disrespects the Justice system of the USA as a whole. . . Failing to act on this is nothing less than sanctioning the breaking of law ! …which, in other words, makes him COMPLICIT to wrongdoings while he has the authority to do something about it. . . This administration for every second it 'breathes' is a MASSIVE joke and is humiliating the USA as a whole every chance it gets because of the ongoing stupidity which wreaks within its walls. . . – it is an abominable public embarrassment for US citizens and their nation to see this happening!

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