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Donald Trump Bashes Pakistan; Says Pakistan Fooled Us For So Long, But Not Anymore

Donald Trump bashed Pakistan in his first tweet of 2018. Donald Trump stated that the US has given 33 billion dollars in foreign aid to Pakistan but the country has returned nothing but lies and deceit.
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  1. It's not "over" until the fat lady sings! Trump HAS NOT mentioned the terror outfits operating against India, from Terroristan. Let's see what is done about Hafeez the Horrible, who has a $10M bounty and a UN designated terrorist.

  2. I’m from Pakistan but I was born in the US… US has no reason to keep supporting that shithole of a nation!

  3. All Indian's and Americans jokers are going to cry because of China currency which is going to b start both China and pakistan…live long pak China friendship

  4. Army forces from Punjab, police from Punjab , Pakistani intelligence agency ISI is from Punjab, all diplomat are from Punjab, ambassador are from Punjab, TV presentator / journalist are from punjab, everyone from pujab the (elected) Government is from Punjab. This is game of highest profile.

  5. The Indians are jubilating, since the Yank & Zionists have become their new Masters the game with them will over soon too. They will rob u hook line & sinker. U wait & see, we will wait & see.

  6. To use a country Land, ports, Air space, resources you pay a fee and its not called AID, you feel me?

    USA Lost in Vietnam… no one Blame
    USA Helped Pakistan against Soviets and created Talibans
    USA lost in Iraq … No one to Blame (Started this war also Based on LIES. WMDs and shit)
    USA Lost in Afghanistan and Blaming on Pakistan now

    Pakistan will do whatever to make their self GREAT again…. time for USA to become Great (if possible)

    Love for all Hatred for none.

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