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DoJ Warns Devin Nunes Against Political Stunts With Classified Material | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Rachel Maddow reports on a letter from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd to Rep. Devin Nunes, cautioning him that whatever political stunt he is trying to pull with classified material, he risks endangering national security in doing so.
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DoJ Warns Devin Nunes Against Political Stunts With Classified Material | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. They have named the FISA MEMO, its being called, "REAL FIRE AND FURY". Only difference is this one is not fiction.

  2. The American People are too stupid to be governed.

  3. Nunez is obviously in the Drumpf gang. But that was known since he went to the white nuthouse a long time ago with secret information. Why isn't that shitbag in jail?


  5. The cult of nattering drones here is crazy. Considering Rachel's hate of white males is openly known, how is it possible she such low ratings?ย  This is the same person that touted that there was no way that Trump could win over and over again. She makes people vote for anyone that she hates. If she would tone it down with less hate, things would be much better for the world.

  6. Nunez is doing exactly what Eric Snowden did. Discrediting the FBI because they have the ability to act on certain Law. I hope he did not sleep for days reading the FBI hand ๐Ÿ–๏ธ book ๐Ÿ“™.

  7. Seriously how does this "person" (not sure what pronoun to use) have any viewers?

    She is sooooo freaking smug and condescending… and not just about those she dislikes but talks to the audiance that way. She comes off so freakin superior like she cant even believe that she has to provide any level of details… her eyes are gonna roll out of her head one day… and that desk must be soaked from all the "psfts" and "geeshes".

  8. I Want To See It……The "Lady?" Protesteth Too Much……..You Don't Wanna See It Rachel,That's Enough To Pique My Interest…….Rachel Dissapeared Down The Rabbit Hole Long Ago……..Remember Folks,You Need To Referse Everything Rachel Says….e,g Hillary,Landslide = Trump,Wins Easy……..Got Trump Tax Returns Seriously = 2 Pages Of Crap………It's Coking Out Anyway,Nice Try Rachel,Lost Again……Rachek Not Sick Of Losihg.

  9. So…here's my prediction. I guarantee that the so-called "fake news" put out by Fox will actually be proved to be the truth all along. I am guaranteeing that Hillary and her whole support team of FBI and DOJ, and DNC will be indicted and charged with crimes against the American people in 2018. That's how confident I am about the authenticity of this "memo", and this will be the first of many more memo's. (remember, this MEMO is only a summary of the 98 page document that has already been authenticated by the FBI) So laugh and scoff all you want to little ones, because the only people you are deluding, are yourselves. This channel is "bulls**tting" it's audience, and you people need to wake up.

  10. This cat was, is, and until Ftrump is out of office, forever in his back pocket! Went to the White House to give info to the folks he was allegedly investigating. ASSCLOWN ASSCLOWN ASSCLOWN

  11. The dossier was a Democrat creation of fiction so Democrats could spy on Trumps campaign. FBI director Wrey saw it Sunday and McCabe was relieved of duty Monday.

  12. This Nunez does not understand because if he did he wouldn`t be doing it. You have to have a mountain of evidence to even talk to the judge to get a warrant, about 40-60 pages. People, The F.B.I. don't waste time, if you r talking to them then they have some degree of evidence on you, thr JOD is a whole different monster!

  13. Release the memo and kick out the swamp creatures! Asking FBI agents to change their 302โ€™s? We should be marching on Washington with tar and pitchforks! Maddow what are you afraid of?

  14. The Nunes memo has come out + America is still standing which shows that the one who was grand standing was Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, representative for the deep state.

  15. they have all conspired with russians to launder money and commit fraud on the american people,…trump needs to be impeached and gone from sight !

  16. Nunes strategy seems to be, "All politicians are corrupt and cannot be believed as they are out and out liars. So why pick on Trump, he argues? He's not the only one in Washington who is a crook. What about Clinton? Go pick on her for a change or just about any Democrat for that matter."

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