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Does the Democratic Party Need A Corbyn-Like Revolution?

Do the Democrats need a Corbyn-like revolution? Cenk Uygur, the host of The Young Turks, discusses with author Naomi Klein. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Watch the whole interview here:

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  1. Corbyn didn't win more votes than any other labour party candidate since world war 2. Blair in 1997 AND 2001 won a larger share of the overall electorate compared to Corbyn. America does need to move to the left but your point isn't reinforced if you are incorrect with your statistics. Accuracy over ideology, even if your ideology is broadly accurate

  2. Please stop painting labour as some super party. They promise everything but have no idea how to pay for it, it's that simple. I can promise to buy everyone in the world a beer tomorrow, it doesn't mean I have the funds to do so. Please don't think that just because someone said they are going to do something that they will. Just look at Trump.

  3. Labor Party are a bunch of dirty anti white communists who are for flooding their country full of third world barbarians who hate the native population and giving them services over the natives.

  4. Dems need candidates that don't need help going to the toilet at night.Bernie? Hillary? An elderly Socialist and a power hungry Vampire with the ability to withstand sunlight. Why are "progressives" surprised the WH has become a reality show? Gotta up your game kids………………………….mic drop.

  5. Corbyn upped his game and earned some stripes in this year's election which he still lost to the worst campaign by a sitting PM in living memory. This government is heading for political and economic self-harm on an unprecedented scale and Corbyn should be 10 points ahead not neck and neck with Theresa May.

  6. The democratic party doesn't need a revolution, it's needs a priest. Trump "Make America great again!" Hillary "I'm not Trump". Now almost a year later, the bitch doesn't know why she lost. Even though I don't like him, at least Bernie has a message.

  7. I joined the Labour Party in order to support thew most refreshing and honest leader we have had in a long time. Jeremy Corbyn is the real deal. For the many, not the few.

  8. I didn't support Corbyn, thought he would lead Labour to a historic defeat, but he proved me wrong in the election. Feels a lot more positive over here now.

  9. We Corbynistas come from all age ranges, cultures and abilities. Says this old fart who rejoined The Labour Party purely to vote for Jeremy, who I first met as a punk rocker on the picket line at South Africa House during the seventies. In the mad, bad days of the apartheid SA Goverment

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