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DNA: Kashmiri students disrespect national anthem, nobody takes any action

In yet another incident involving disrespect for the national anthem, a video footage has emerged showing a group of students of the Central University of Kashmir staying seated during the Indian national anthem. Others present at the event kept mum while the students disrespected the anthem.

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  1. हमे पाकिस्तानी singers actors को भी भारत मैं Ben कर देना चाहिए पाकिस्तान की हर चीज को ben कर देना चाहिए

  2. रिजर्व बैंक को अपने हर नोट पर लिखना चाहिए कश्मीर भारत का अभिन्न अंग है
    साले पाकिस्तानी नकली नोट छापने से पहले 100 बार सोचेगे😂😂😂

  3. It is not in India alone, almost in every country some people of this particular religion disrespect national anthem of the respective country. The reality is that when other become minority, these some people along with large number of covered people will come forward to kill all of us. There is hardly any country in the world where these people are in majority and other religious or non-religious people are living freely. They are not born this way, they have learned this way

  4. This is so absurd but sir dont show your hypocracy first show the news about bjp MLA from karnartka when they walk out during national anthem…..

  5. Gaddar musalmano ko zinhe bhaiyon ki tarah pyar dete hai unki soch ye hai. Worst religion islaam. I shame on it

  6. Aur sir plz….jammu and kashmir mat bolo…..jammu k log in suaroon jaise nahi hain….jammu k log jaan b de sakte hain desh k liye…

  7. We respect Indian human country bnti rehti hain sir not mention in Quran ke gaano ko bhi izzat do… freemykashmir

  8. Hahaha ..This is what kashmiri think about India..Kashmir is independent state not a part of India…💟

  9. Ye bechare handicapped hai. Pity these persons. As a matter of fact one should honour national anthem of any country. If you are on wheel chair and can not stand up in honor then place your hand across your heart to show respect.

  10. then central government should close the university. and push these Kashmiri to go Pakistan for study. mother Chu..d.

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