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Democrat Conor Lamb Is The Apparent Winner In PA Election | MSNBC

In what is still a very close race, Democrat Conor Lamb has been declared the apparent winner of the Pennsylvania special election. In 2016, President Trump won this district by a very large margin.
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Democrat Conor Lamb Is The Apparent Winner In PA Election | MSNBC

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  1. I'm guessing that terrified GOP members of Congress are already looking to throw Trump under the bus by getting on the impeachment bandwagon…

  2. If Mr. Saccone truly believes that his opponents are "against God," and he has some sort of Godly mandate he needs to fulfill, then yes, there will be a demand for a recount. They'll find the needed citizens to request that. Otherwise… Who knows.

  3. He better not take any outside money, and tell all the others about that or, this government will be something to ignore

  4. Well maybe he will make Pennsylvania a sanctuary State, wouldn't that be nice if we can get more illegals in the USA, maybe he will notify all the criminals about any ICE raids that might happen.

  5. There are alot of Dems that believe in the 2nd Amendment, there are some that do not believe in Abortion, and some love God. That makes us unique. All views are welcomed. All people are welcomed.

  6. Yet another Trump-backed candidate ends up losing. If the Republicans want to have any chance at all of winning this year, they need to distance themselves as far away from Trump as they possibly can and avoid him like the plague, as an endorsement from him is clearly the kiss of death for Congressional campaigns.

  7. 101% ??? seriously??? how about LAMB 49.6 %/ Saccone: 49.4% / Miller: 1%…. Who is doing the math… cookie monster??

  8. "Totally FAKE NEWS! My man Saccone is not a loser and either am I, just ask Stormy Daniels, she gave me a FULL category 5 golden tsunami, what a MESS. JOBS JOBS JOBS!"
    – Donald K Trump

  9. Okay, so fake MSNBC declares the dem as the winner, in a very close call. Why?? If it's not official,yet, you know, illegals and the dead are still trying to get their vote in, you know, make it more official. Another red turned blue, ,I can hear it now, boo hoo, the poor left.

  10. Giving you all thumbs down just like you do to us Republicans I mean Real Americans. F*** all of you pieces of s***.

  11. Hey MSNBC… I know this is exciting stuff… but do you think you could get the camera operator to KEEP STILL?!

    Have they learned what the 'zoom' buttons do?!

  12. The New York Times has this real neat graphic showing little blue arrows all over the 18th district indicating Republican voters that went Democratic for this special election and if there were Democrat voters that went Republican there would be a little red arrow. There were no red arrows. This election is a portent to November. A massive Tsunami of Blue is on its way. Every day that goes by it becomes bigger. Retail numbers are in the toilet. Home sales are expected to pick up by 2021, maybe. Daimler and BMW are considering relocating manufacturing out of the United States and Americana brands worldwide are suffering “bigly”. If the globalist/NWO agenda was to marginalize our influence on the world stage they have succeeded. Wait, are you under the impression that the President is actually elected, not selected? They needed someone with no scruples to sell America out and they found someone.

  13. The comments sum up the Liberal mentality. Insult and name call. Not analyze why he won and put it to action. He ran pro gun allowing Republican voters to vote for him. Dems have become so anti gun they don't realize its why they lose

  14. This isnt a blue wave. I live in D18. He ran as a conservative being pro gun, pro life, and pro coal. Trumps voter base is still very very much alive.

  15. It is increasingly obvious (at least via certain social media discussion) that there are irreconcilable differences between fullthroated Democratic Party loyalists and faithless Democratic Party voters on a litany of policy postions as well as the regard of elected officials. One side has a notion that the other should effectively "fall in-line" and "stop being naive purists". The other believes that the party effectively acts like its "too big to fail" and that the party "needs to wholeheartedly represent the people and not be corrupt". In the court of law, irreconcilable differences are grounds for a divorce and I believe that is what the current division within the party merits. IMHO I feel that an effective way to do this is to take advantage of the unpopularity of DJT and the likely, yet not permanent, overthrow of the GOP in state legislatures, governors' mansions, Congress and the Oval Office between 2018 and 2020. Before power is likely obtained in these branches of government, a clear, executable plan needs to be agreed upon by all candidates and elected Dems in order to enact the divorce process.

    This can be done via Comprehensive Election Reform. This will include but may not be limited to anti-gerrymandering laws, anti voter suppression laws, voter empowerment actions (expanding election day, no excuse absentee/early voting, same day registration, mandatory-ish voting), open/hybrid state run primaries, campaign finance reform (public finance of elections, "get money out of politics") and electoral college review & reform. However most important to the divorce process, federal and state ranked choice voting need to be implemented. This will nullify the "spoiler effect" lamented by many of those against third-party voting. Furthermore, the Commission on Presidential Debates and other debate/town hall/forum regulating bodies must immediately allow at least Green Party and Libertarian Party candidates on the debate stage. Also, rules must be put into place that make getting onto the debate stage and ballot easier for all hard-working candidates.

    In order to receive the immediate party unity that apparently held in such high esteem, it is strongly encouraged that all candidates and elected Dems agree to this Comprehensive Election Reform Pact. Failure to agree could result in consequences (for Dem party) similar to the elections between 2010 and 2016 on all levels of government. Since nothing in this reform is abhorrently objectionable in nature, it should behoove wholesale, fullthroated agreement. Once in power (respectively for each level of government), this Comprehensive Election Reform agenda must be signed into law and executed upon within the first 100 days in power for that branch of government.


  16. The Dems will stoop to any rotten trick, rotten tactic to win, whether it be illegal redistricting, voting multiple times etcetera

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