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Demi Lovato Remains In Hospital 1 Week After Suspected Overdose, Report Says | TODAY

More than one week after Demi Lovato’s suspected drug overdose at her Hollywood Hills home, the pop star remains in a Los Angeles hospital following reported complications. TODAY’s Natalie Morales reports with the latest on Lovato’s condition.
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Demi Lovato Remains In Hospital 1 Week After Suspected Overdose, Report Says | TODAY

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  1. Everyone has their demons. Everyone has a past and everyone goes through things we may mot understand. I hope she gets better really soon and gets help really soon. Her music is my inspiration.

  2. very sad and very painful news so popular singer and such beautiful lady with a beautiful voice why she overdosed………..what lacks in her or why she has access to Narcane…….anyway as we love her a lot we pray her quick recovery and she must be in a drug free environment in her home after discharging from hospital and must follow psychiatric follow ups……….and remember next time if you overdose its not at all fair for you great fans who love your songs okay…………..dolly girl….

  3. If someoen is addicted to something and you take it away and they are clean from it and it is exposed to them again they’re gonna want it bc they’ve had it before. Their body likes it

  4. She should be charge with drug possession. It would not be right if a person that doesn't have a lot of fame get arrested for having possession of drugs, but when a famous person have possession of drugs they demand to be let go free of charges. She is not a victim she caused this on purpose and need to face the consequences. Social media should not let her have her fame.

  5. It's probably the best for her to go to rehab and come back stronger and more positive vibes and happy
    We ❤ U Demi!💖

  6. Its so sad to think demi is going through this…. I used to watch her on disney channel 🙁 Get well soon Demi.
    I just started a channel breaking down all the gossip Demis overdose situation – as well as other breaking news. Check my videos out, and subscribe to my channel if you like them! Thank guys love yall!!

  7. Her story should be a red flag. Media and society tells us fame and fortune is the pinnacle of life. But like her and so many others we see that it's not. But yet media still sells the lie 🚩

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