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Definitive Timeline Of The Trump-Russia Connections | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Morning Joe takes a deep dive into the Trump-Russia timeline, starting in September 2015, with discussions about a Trump tower project in Moscow.

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Definitive Timeline Of The Trump-Russia Connections | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Whatever you are trying to imply is meaningless. There is nothing illegal about talking to russians. There is nothing illegal about
    building hotels in russia. There is something illegal about not turning over official government documents when leaving as SOS.
    There is something about destroying documents that were subpeanad. A little timeline of hrc contacts with russians would be much longer than 15 minutes as well as a list of clinton foundation donors who got government contracts shortly after contribtions. Bottomline, Russians wanted hrc because they new she was for sale.

  2. All this "evidence" has resulted in…there was no collusion with Russia. The Mueller probe is now on secondary issues about lying. All the media coverage regarding speculation about collusion was a HUGE waste of time.

  3. With Trump being president the division of the USA will not heal! The longer he is in office, the greater the damage.

  4. It's all about the Golden Shower. He who has that video tells dump when to take a dump and all thanks to the retardedgopbase.

  5. Still no proof. But there is proof Hillary rigged the primaries , took money from Russia brought home classified info So maybe you should start there

  6. This is a good summary but there are many more details that were left out that prove even more solidly that there was definitely collusion. On top of this crime, there is proven obstruction of justice, making money off the presidency, money laundering (from Russia) in all of Trump's properties and proof of Trump's financial relationship with Russia that goes back decades. We have traitors and criminals in the White House and some in Congress too.

  7. Just for those who may have lost track, so far Fuhrer Trump has violated the following: Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press, Freedom of Religion, Right to Assembly, Right to Due Process, the Emoluments Clause, Separation of Church and State, the Jones Act, the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act, the Hatch Act, Conspiracy Against the United States, and 16+ women and underage girls.

  8. Trump administration and Fox News anchors and who ever support this corrupt administration is trifling, you support these people racism, lies, hate, undermining people, bullying, etc, you will reap what you sow, To God be the Glory,

  9. Folks, if Obama had come to the presidency with this much bad and stinking baggage…..all these backroom deals that compromise any effort of trying to even appear to have any integrity or trustworthiness….HE COULD NOT HAVE GOTTEN EVEN ONE VOTE…FROM WITHIN HIS OWN FAMILY!!! trump IS what the neanderthal, evangelical-breitbart-KKK-jim-crow-one-percenter-white-and-privileged wanted ……really wanted…. and america is going to suffer for it!

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