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December 2015 Breaking News Syrian rebels used USA Tow anti-tank missile destroys Russian helicopter

December 2015 Breaking News USA admits Syria rebel group used USA Tow anti-tank missile to destroy Russian helicopter on mission searching for Russian pilots whose Jet was shot down by Turkey
Terrorists Destroy Russian Helicopter Near Su-24 Russian Fighter Jet Crash Site

RAW Russian Fighter Jet Shot Down by NATO Turkey Putin Confirms Breaking News November 24 2015

RAW NATO Turkey Shot down Russian Fighter jet by NATO Turkey Breaking News November 24 2015

RAW Russian rescue Helicopter destroyed Syrian rebels claim Breaking News November 24 2015

RAW footage DAESH use Fake Passports to carry out worldwide CalipHATE Breaking News Nov 20 2015

RAW RECAP on RUSSIAN aggression in Ukraine & Worldwide

RAW Paris France Terrorist attacks Breaking News November 14 2015

RAW Paris France Terrorist attacks 120+ dead Breaking News November 14 2015

France Paris Islamic State ISIL claims responsibility attacks says France top target Breaking news November 14 2015

UK Jihadi John Beheader Islamic State ISIL DAESH Killed USA Drone strike Breaking News NOV 14 2015

Breaking News November 14 2015 Seventeen terrorists arrested in Europe wide operation

Chemical Biological Warfare mustard gas used in Syria Breaking News November 8 2015

RAW: Footage ISIS Claims Moment Shoot Down Russian Plane Flight 9268 in Egypt

RAW Egypt Russian jet broke up mid air Islamic state Claims shot down PART2 Breaking News November 1 2015

Russian Plane Crash Egypt RAW update footage Islamic State ISIS ISIL DAESH claims responsibility November 1 2015 Breaking News

Russian Plane Crash Egypt

Breaking Russian Plane crashed Egypt

IRAQ 30 USA Commandos 1 killed USA Army Delta Force combat boots on ground fighting along side Kurds Peshmerga special forces battle against ISIS ISIL DAESH Islamic state 20 killed Breaking News October 22 2015

Iraq 30 USA Commandos 1killed boots on ground Combat Islamic State 20 killed

Iraq USA boots on Ground 30 special forces soldiers 1 killed rescuing hostages from ISLAMIC State

World Events leading to Armageddon involving Islam & Israel Bible Prophecy Scholar Dave Hunt End Times News Last days update

ISLAM explained by Bible Scholar Dave Hunt Expert on ISLAM PART4

Last Days Bible Prophecy All Nations Against Israel Last days final hour news

Pre Tribulation Rapture – Dave Hunt – Last days end times news prophecy update

Christianity vs Islam debate Last days end times news update

Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA – Last Days End Times News Prophecy Update – Genetic Engineering

Breaking news Bible Prophecy Current Events Final Hour end times last days

New World Order one world Government One World currency one world religion

New World Order RFID CHIP INTO BRAIN – Last days end times news prophecy update

United Nations & China Plans New Currency A De Americanized World

President Barack Obama Plans for USA citizens Gun Confiscation

Final Hour New World Order Last days end times News bible prophecy update

Bible Prophecy Russia military current events Last Days End times News update

Martial Law Lock Down Never forget 1 Million US citizens Last days End Times News

Final Hour CHRISLAM interfaith prayer Pope Francis Israel & Palestine

World War 3 not if but when Last days end times news prophecy update

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  2. the russian 53rd brigade shot down mh17 and murdered the 298 people on board, not sure why we don't shoot at the russians regularly ourselves

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