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December 2014 Breaking News USA F35 Israel to buy second squadron of stealth F35 jets

December 2014 Breaking News USA F35 Fighter Jets Israel to buy second squadron of stealth F35 jets – Arms to Armageddon PART1

November 25 2014 Breaking News F35 $1 Trillion price tag costliest weapons program in Pentagon – Arms to Armageddon PART2

November 25 2014 Breaking News F35 The projected cost to develop and produce Lockheed Martin Corp. (LMT)’s F-35 fighter, the Pentagon’s costliest weapons system, has risen 1.9 percent in the past year to $398.6 billion, according to estimates released today. The $7.4 billion increase from $391.2 billion includes the aircraft and the engines produced by United Technologies Corp.’s (UTX) Pratt & Whitney unit for an eventual fleet of 2,443 U.S. planes. At the same time, the Pentagon’s independent cost-assessment office said its estimate for operating and supporting the F-35 over its projected 55-year service life has declined $96.8 billion, or 8.7 percent, to $1.02 trillion from $1.11 trillion

November 2014 Breaking News Putin Speech Russia Globalization New World Order NWO history repeating itself threats of World War III (3) three

2014 Breaking News Bible Prophecy Current Events leading to New World Order

2014 Breaking News Final hour Obama more concerned prospect nuclear weapon exploding NYC

2014 Breaking News World War III Triggers – NATO stating Russia Invasion of Ukraine Looms

2014 Breaking News World War three not if but when Last days end times news prophecy update

2014 Breaking News UFO.s Nephilim Aliens Fallen Angels Channeling Spirits Demons Deceit

October 2014 Breaking News Nicolas Cage Left Behind trailer in theaters now

October 2014 Breaking News 666 The Mark Unleashed – Stephen Baldwin Christian author John Hagee said of the film: “The power of the gospel to transform the lives of the characters is shown with deeply moving reality. So real is the presentation of the plan of salvation in this movie, the viewer will be left without excuse.” Evangelist Jack Van Impe was quoted as saying: Both Rexella and I believe this to be the greatest religious release we have ever watched. I know you will be tremendously moved as never before when viewing this Holy Spirit led production part 2

2014 Breaking News Bible Prophecy 666 The Mark of the beast – RFID Chips 666 last days end times news prophecy update The Final Hour Pretribulation escape the wrath of God the great tribulation Armageddon Chuck Missler & Founder Chuck Smith Calvary chapel worldwide nondenominational part 1

2014 Breaking News Associated Press Obama authorizes renewed airstrikes in Iraq

2014 Breaking News Qatar provides financial support to terrorist group Hamas

2014 Breaking News ISIS ISIL Islamic State Iraq/Syria & the Levant Calip-HATE Global Threat

2014 Breaking News Michelle Obama calls illegal immigrant children USA kids

2014 August Breaking News Chrislam Emerging False Teaching Rick Warren

2014 Breaking News Weather weapons existed over 15 years testified USA Secretary Defense

2014 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels New World Order

2014 Breaking News UFO’s Fallen Angels New World Order – last days end times news Part 3

2014 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nephilim Fallen Angels NWO

2014 Breaking News UFO’s Fallen Angels New World Order – last days end times news Part 2

2014 Breaking News Labs Mixing Human DNA Animal DNA 2 of 5 Last days news

2014 Breaking News Obama to Congress back boost $1billion USA military presence in Europe

2014 Breaking News Council Foreign Affair The Truth About Geo Engineering weather control

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  1. US has plans that will make your jaw drop to the ground 5 times,   and you will never hear about them and less they need them

  2. smartest move you have ever made to date!!!!! these will have a 100 kilo laser on them and nothing will be able to shoot them down. they don't need to come close enough for bullets to hit them and no missile plane drone ect, will even come close to them. folks need to ck out what they can really do before looking at the price witch im not happy about how ever for what your getting they are priceless!!! whom ever does not have these will lose the war!!! this is the last manned aircraft!!! its a real game changer!!!

  3. Crimes?   What ?  When so called Palestinians buy weapons instead of food and medicine for their children, we can all know who the murderers are !! Axiomatic ! 

  4. I'm surprised obama has not canceled the program even though cancellation would cost so many jobs. They canceled the F22 (which cost me my job) and the Super collider which cost my job and thousands of other jobs as well.

    As usual, blame Israel for all of the problems in the middle east; the palestiniancs have no culpability.

  5. The old "smart" guy talks crappy bullshits: “most expensive project in history” – ok, right, but why? – because it is for three military department… so otherwise you would have to have at least three project.
    Then price again: when Lockheed was building U2, company was just told, do a plane which fly highest in the world, in 60s – when was building SR-71 – do a plane which fly 3500 km/h and 80 000ft, when F-117 – do a stealth plane, when F-22 – do a stealth fighter with supercruise — so how you want to set a price in advance for something, which was never done before and no one actually knows, if such a thing is even possible? 
    Another thing – when Lockheed was building sr-71 or f-117 – public did not even know, that this planes exist. The data about F-35 are usually at least 4 years old. So …
    So I am really tired of bullshit talks of these fuckers. 

  6. You a never be real israel you a gentile who stole the real Israelites nationality why yall all claim to be jews there are 12 tribes lol all yall claim is judah you a convert that's why your jew-ish ish as in almost like but not really israel is still in captivity and will be till the return of the black messiah he will gather israel from where they are scattered you and your ppl never went into slavery with ships you fit none of the curses of Deuteronomy 28 you are the synagogue of satan jew was is and will always be so-called black

  7. Wake up that's for war with Iran. Keep on dreaming the Islamic Republic has defeated you Zionist politically wait for the embarrassment when they defeat you militarily

  8. A yankee flying failure for a failing entity. One more proof to realize it's a shitty flying coffin from Jewmerica, whose only market is made up of losers…

  9. Buying? What will happen is that the US will give Israel AID money, and Loan Guarantees,which will be 'forgiven' I believe is the term used, and the Israelis will use the US money to buy planes from…….the US. This is a gift of F35's.

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