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David Blaine Accused Of Raping Model

Magician David Blaine has been accused of rape. Grace Baldridge, Mark Thompson, and Simone Boyce, the hosts of The Young Turks, give you the details. Tell us what you think in the comment section below. Join TYT:

“Scotland Yard is investigating magician David Blaine after a model accused him of raping her in London. Police have asked Blaine to come to Britain to be interviewed, according to emails reviewed by The Daily Beast.

Natasha Prince claims Blaine raped her at a private home in London’s Chelsea neighborhood in the summer of 2004, months after her 21st birthday, she told The Daily Beast in her first-ever interview on the subject.

“Officers from the Met’s Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command are investigating an allegation of rape,” Scotland Yard said in a statement to The Daily Beast. “The allegation was reported to police on 17 November 2016 by a woman who alleged she was raped at an address in Chelsea in June or July 2004 when she was aged 21. There have been no arrests at this stage and enquiries continue.”

Police last month emailed Prince that they had requested Blaine, through his attorney, come to the U.K. for an “interview under caution” where he would be provided with the particulars of the allegation. Blaine’s attorney, Marty Singer, denied all allegations to The Daily Beast in a statement.”

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Hosts: Grace Baldridge, Mark Thompson, Simone Boyce

Cast: Grace Baldridge, Mark Thompson, Simone Boyce


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  1. this grace baldridge is the ugliest adrogenousist bulldyke rosie odonnell looking tyt armenian genoicide bitch since kasparian new nose

  2. Am I the only guy who hasn't raped someone? Am I behind the curve too far? Is there a remedial rape class where I can catch up on my rapes?

  3. This channel……same morons who predicted a Hillary landslide victory and then made famous by their complete meltdown as the results came in and Trump won state after state after state, after state……….

  4. This has to be the dumbest conversation I have ever seen on tyt, give your listeners some credit I'm sure they know what rape is

  5. Lots of allegation but where is the proof? Where are the police reports? The court file numbers? Where is the evidence?

  6. Is that a women or man in the beginning?? I sure hope David didn't do it….such a shame if he did… I don't know what to think.. She did say she was flirting with him, she did say she was attracted to him…. I hope they where both drunk and it was consensual . Thats a LONG SHOT but hey… what do you think happened?

  7. No no no the crazy women he has wife ,kid and he Can have Évry women. David Blaine Extremely Intelligent and he is not ass Old font worry

  8. 14yrs ago?? And now she decides she was raped by David? MY ASS! (~that's what she said) IDK if I buy this story…. And how would she even prove it now? -cuz unless she has a stored Lewinsky dress in her closet, she's just dragging his name through the gutter!

  9. So let me get this straight, she liked David Blaine, she was flirting with him, she went to bed with him, she remembers all of this, and then cries out rape?? Just because you regret what happened, or things didn't turned out the way you expected, doesn't automatic constitutes rape. Unless we find out that he "pulled a Cosby" on her and drugged her, witch so far i doesn't seem the case, or it hasn't been proved yet.. Seems like she is reaching. Cases like this one only dilute the real cases of rape and sexual harassment.

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