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D.L. Hughley’s “Break the News” Show on CNN caused Humiliation and Shame

I am a 47-year-old African American female. I grew up in Los Angeles watching many African Americans comedy shows. Usually seen in the appropriate stage or arena for black comedy. I am the first one to give praise to my African Americans doing positive work. At the same time, I will slam them hard if necessary., D.L. Hughley breaks the news, I felt extreme humiliation while watching his show on CNN. Especially now while the first African American have a good chance of actually been the President. I felt his show was very repulsive and stereotypical toward African Americans. To be honest, I never thought D.L. Hughley was funny or talented as some of the other comedians Like Chris Rock and Cedric the Entertainer are. Both of which are extremely talent, political savvy and hilarious. Why CNN didnt consider one of these comedians in the first place. Perhaps CNN have some hided agenda to make African Americans look bad and using D.L. Hughley as their fall guy or Uncle Tom to do what they cant do without looking like the Fox racist News Channel. Its sad that D.L. Hughley is too ignorant to see how this isnt helping our race but in fact hurting us. This show belongs on BET or Comic view not CNN. I am requesting CNN take this show of the air immediately.

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  1. i was rooting for dl but he must have some kickass agents cuz he keeps getting on these shows that are bound for extinction. cnn show isn't funny at all and even the studio audience doesn't really laugh–and they're warmed up to laugh! chocolate news on comedy central is more of what cnn should've aimed for. it annoys me when dl doesn't understand a 'big' word his guest uses and says 'wait, i only have a GED'. dammit, pick up a dictionary, don't be proud of it! so much potential wasted!

  2. You hit the nail right on it's head. That's the perfect way to describe that marriage. "Bizarr=o World" I was wondering the same thing.

  3. This show was dead before it aired. The same tired worn out, beaten to death black stereotypes. We know you got a GED, don't let it be your mantra. Where is the creativity man, come on these jokes are stale. It will run its course and we won't remember it was on.

  4. this is a ground breaking show, if you dont like it go watch jon stewart, you dont see how the opportunity laugh instead of crying? hell i wasnt sure about what i was watching due to the poor quality of the video, ive had better boot leggs thatn this. dry up and open your closed mind.

  5. well everyone is entittled to an personal view if you like to watch the other stuff white main stream america is doing and say its good, ok, but dont comdemn the efforts made and you cant i repeat cant do any better because if you could you would, this is America and we have 2 sides to the coin, white and the black, i bet you think Dave Chappell was a waiste as well or do you BROWN up to him now that he has completed what he set out to do???

  6. At first I was excited when i heard that he would be having his own show on cnn. but when i saw this episode i had to change the channel it was not funny and it just fed into stereotypes about balck people

  7. You're over analyzing the show. It's meant to be a laid back entertainment show, with a mix of current events. That's all there is to it. Sit back and enjoy it for what it is or just don't watch.

  8. Exactly, its a good and entertaining's gotten alot better about not feeding into stereotypes.. DL just took a while to get his rythym down.

  9. I love the show. I am a fan. This show is so under rated. Yes it got off to a rough start but the format has changed. DL is a true intellectual. The new structure is great and I really enjoy it.

  10. OK so DL Hughley's show went for what…3 months? They say he wants to spend more time with his family so he quit.

    WAKE THE FUCK UP PEOPLE!! you don't think Larry King might want to see his family after as many years he's been on prime time cnn? America is fucking racist thats why this show was cancelled…he didn't quit. I was so surprised when this show first aired, but it doesn't surprise me that it got cancelled. This is simply the facts. Dont believe what stupid fucking media tells us.

  11. I mean, DL ins't top of the line comedy, but why does the only black guy ever to host a show on prime time CNN only last for a couple months? Thats what i'm getting at.

  12. The only reason Hughley got a show was because a new window oppened up with Obama running for the Democrats. None of the MAJOR network media friendly characters are black, The only MAJOR black people in the media are comedians (chapelle, rock, etc). Not a Larry King or a Dan Rather type where American's trust in them for comfort, truth, guidence etc. Don't fool yourself into thinking racism is nonexistent. The 1960's were not that long ago, and the 1860's weren't that long ago really either.

  13. CNN should have gave a show to a black person, but out of all the black people to pick from I can't believe they picked this guy, and then to make it a comedy show on a news station really made the whole thing stupid.

    How about a real news show with Tanya Acker???? She is one hot and smart solid chocolate cookie.

  14. It is not just his show, it is any media that portraits blacks in a negative light. Last month it was just revealed that 34.5% of African-American males are out of work. This is the same unemployment percentage as the Great Depression. Also, it is harder for an upper-class black to get a job than it is for a low-income white who has a prison record. Shows like these perpetuate the negative viewpoints that people have of Blacks.

  15. @businessbmw Well,first of all, BLACKS and WHITES elected Obama!!!! I'm a white female and he was my choice the first time I heard him debate! Dumbazz Bush AND his administration AND ALL republicans were against him! He's smart,very smart am we need to trust and support him as our PRESIDENT! NOT the BLACK President. Stop bitching about what he hasn't done and support what he is trying to do.U can't fix in a year or so what it took others YEARS and YEARS do destroy! U just can't!

  16. @bc67imp TOTALLY agree…..and yes I am white,but not very proud of the white racist,idiots who act like they speak for all whites in this country!! THEY DON'T! Blacks have been so horribly wronged for soo many years….and I'm ashamed of my ancestors but I cannot change what they did to the black people! I wish I could…but I do despise it!

  17. @thecheesburgler Well maybe no one else wants to.Idk…I love him,but I also love Steve Harvey,Cedric,Chris Rock,Paul Mooney( Lord don't get him mad…whew!) He will tear some ppl up!!! There are way too many professional people that ARE black in the world ,that can do ALOT of things,intelligently and without the hatred that it 's impossible to know who is MORE right to speak about everything,politics,the economy,etc…I can't choose…

  18. yeah. if you're criticizing, you've missed the WHOLE point that D.L. was getting, too. The fact that he's not on the air anymore is proof that he was bringing truth. I get it. Kudos!

  19. Ummm…I thought this was hilarious and comedic genius. Freddie Mac…"Mack". He's just a little too edgy for big time time. I was never a DL fan, but when he started focusing more on politics I found him hilarious. He does a lot better on Bill Maher's show.

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