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Current Crisis in Tibet BBC National News

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As of March 3, 2012: 25 Tibetans have Self-Immolated Calling for Freedom in Tibet & the return of Tibet’s spiritual leader The Dalai Lama. Link:
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Authorities in China have launched a big security operation to try to end a wave of unrest caused by Tibetan campaigners.
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In the past year, twenty-one people have publicly set themselves on fire, five in the past week alone, in a campaign calling for more freedom for Tibetans.

China has exercised sovereignty over Tibet for more than six decades.

Damian Grammaticas has been to Sichuan province bordering Tibet where most of the trouble has happened.

Warning – this video contains images which some may find distressing.

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  1. may god bless tibet & tibetans in tibet.
    There life is at stack every now now & then. please support us.!
    Chinese Govt Shame On You !! World Is WATCHING !!

  2. Communist Party of China is poisonous disease like HIV virus, if the world do not cure it immediately, It( chinese government) harm the HEALTH of the world!!!

  3. can someone please explain to me what lense the BBC camera man could possibly be using at 2:45 he goes from crazy long zoom to almost wide angle.

  4. @MultiAlpha111 Um, that's a totaly different topic,
    Would you ave them mention in in every report about any part of the world?

  5. this is damn true and happening every where in-around Tibet, and now it's 26 Tibetans self immolation under brutal and suppressed torture by Chinese rule! "Jasmine Revolt in China Start now!"

  6. Dont ever get fooled by the communist china propaganda. With a total locdkown of the tibetan plateau with millions of marching troops, they think they can silence the voice of the tibetans with the barrel of gun…
    BUT Hey Mr. HU and WEN, the days will not be long when tibetan freedom movement will rise from the ashes just like PHOENIX. Truth will always triumph and tibet will be free as it was in the past many centuries.

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  8. I believe the day will come sooner than we think when Tibet will be free from
    China, and China from the CCP. Dalai Lama will live to see that day and return to his homeland.

  9. Its quite a difference when you have no real choice in selecting products made by china due to the capitalist nature of our profit mongering economic leaders and being a fucking retard. But just because this is the internet – fuck you homo

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