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CTV National News January 29 UBB segment.mkv

CTV News segment about the upcoming overage fees being forced on to wholesale DSL companies. The CRTC is failing to protect consumers from price-gouging even when they use alternate DSL providers like Teksavvy, Acanac, Primus and Caneris.

The real cost per GB of data has been determined to be around $0.01 but Bell wants to charge anywhere from $1.00 to $2.50 per, an outrageous markup.

It would also create a very awkward business situation where customers would be paying 2 companies for 1 service, with Bell taking more in just overage fees than the primary company gets for the entire internet service package (access, tech support, billing, etc). Virtually unheard of in other business sectors.

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  1. That Bell rep is a fucking liar. Bell got government funding in the 90s to setup the network. WE payed through our taxdollar for it already.

  2. I remember just a decade ago in Canada, the internet was definitely the wild west and bandwidth was like an all you can eat buffet.
    Who would've thought that in 2011 that we would be SO FAR GOING BACKWARDS?!?!?? I mean we're not even talking about going back to the renaissance period, we're talking about GOING FUCKING BACK INTO THE STONE AGES!! Like 25gb as a cap??!!?! REALLY?? FUCK BELL and I hope all Bell users start leaving them in droves so they know how fucking angry we are! >:(

  3. "if it weren't for our 6 billion dollars investment" – Mirko Bibic <— Massive government subsidies provided by the taxpayers of Canada. Not your money at all.

  4. "The way to pay less is to watch less video online?" -Robert Fife <— Technology progress, it does not regress. Please look up Butter's Law of Photonics.

    It amazes me how dumb they think people are.

  5. What costs the big guys a reported penny per gig they want to charge $2 per gig? CRTC if you are going to allow this cap the amount that they can charge for overages. This is absolute robbery. If this continues we should go back to $10 dail-up with a small company for a couple of years and show they who's boss. Oh and cancel cable and cell phone for 2 years, as well. Pick you cancellation people.

  6. If the conservatives JUST prevent UBB before election time, and do not 1. Disband the CRTC 2. Use this moment to create laws that protect consumers in the future. Then they do not deserve anyone’s vote.

  7. As big phone and cable companies raise prices across the board, two studies have just found that they are charging us upwards of $10 per gigabyte of traffic when it costs them as little as $0.01 – a 100,000% mark up!

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