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CTV National News – 2010 Lunar Eclipse interview

On Dec.20/21 2010 a total lunar eclipse will be visible throughout North America late overnight. It is the first total lunar eclipse for this continent since February 2008 and will be the last until April 2014. Adding to the rarity the winter solstice is coinciding with the eclipse which has not happened since 1638AD, according to NASA..

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  1. omg noooo i couldnt see the moon and therefore couldn't watch it disappear. oh wait… wait… my lunar eclipse lasted all day. Still now i don't see the moon. AHHHHHHH WHAT DOES IT MEAN?CAPSLOCK

  2. Here in Montreal i got to see the first half of the eclipse while the moon was being eaten away but missed the totality phase – when it goes red – completely!

  3. I was in San Francisco Bay Area, at first there was thin clouds, but they passed by. It was difficult to look straight up over head into the sky. It started about 11:40 pm pst, and close to midnight, it looked, copper color. The sky was very clear, below the moon was the constellation Orion (the warrior). I heard it from a neighbor, who heard it on the news. It was fun to watch, but dizzy if standing up.

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