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CrossTalk on Syria and North Korea: War without a goal?

U.S. president Donald Trump says he wants American troops to leave Syria. The foreign policy blob surrounding him says differently. So, what are exactly Washington’s goals in Syria? Partition? War for war sake? Or a means to sticking it to Iran and Russia? All are poorly thought out options.
CrossTalking with Gareth Porter, Danny Makki, and Mohammed Cherkaoui.

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  1. One of the main reasons for all of this is Rothchilds "Genie Oil". Once you understand that it all starts to make sense. Research and learn!

  2. The Americans are bullies,cowards and as bloody stupid people all they know is war as long as their victims are weak and cannot fight back!

  3. The last gasps of a dying empire bankrupt financially and morally. Americas time to die you wont be missed.

  4. All 3 guests are excellent. Please them bring them back again. We need insight information and all 3 have great knowledge of the current situation.

  5. Instead of discussing why other countries step in to help…Try discussing the cause of these Muslim religious wars. THE WEST IS TIRED OF THESE FAMATICS WHO CANT EVEN GET ALONG WITH EACHOTHER.

  6. The US wants to disable Syrian government so that it can push a gas pipeline from the Qatar gas fields through to Europe and compete/replace Russian supplies from its reserves. This is economic warfare with a long term view to cripple Russia's economy and take it over in some form. Modern colonialism doesn't require an administration provided by the coloniser; it works more along the lines of the Khan take over of Russia prior to its empire where the target is subdued, militarily in those days, and then forced to trade on favourable terms with its overlords and regular tribute/tax is extracted. This is the universal empire stage of the Western Civilization and is the last phase before its disintegration.


  8. There is one group that benefits from weakening both the western powers and Russia/Iran/China – by setting them at WAR with each other. That group that plans 200 years in advance. The same ones that hate and wish to enslave the whole world. THEIR plan never seem to make sense in the immediate term.

  9. It will be an big trick –a bog BULL SHIT because zionist US the ISIS regime newer kept its world or any agreement — On first day when —DPRK the North Korero disarm zionist war criminal – us the ISIS state will bring democracy with B52 and B1 and so on DPRK will be in dust for ewer with millions of people dad

  10. Thank you Peter for telling the truth and stand on the truth. Please watch YouTube video "Carla Ortiz Shocking Video from Syria Contradicts Corp. News Coverage" by The Jimmy Dore Show April 21, 2018. Thank you again Peter and your team. God bless

  11. All by Design / trump has to much on his Plate @s IF he Runs the Show Wake up Arab .and if Trump is a idiot its also  designed that way by the Military complex because there is a plan for that /

  12. The modern day Atlantis. The U.S. is the great island continent that has reached its peak and is now doomed to destruction. Read Plato for exact details.

  13. This is just the closure of the PNAC plan. The LONG WAR against the 'terrorists' is closing and a new LONG WAR against Russia and China is beginning. Take a look at the collection of documents below and connect the dots.

    WARNING Bolton is Bringing WW3 – News from the Wall with Nathan & Donna Leal – Revelations about Cambridge Analytics, Steve Bannon/Breitbart, Kellyanne Conway, John Bolton, Rudy Giuliani and PNAC and MORE
    Published on 10 Apr 2018

    *Money man – Reclusive U.S. billionaire Robert Mercer
    helped Donald Trump win the*
    presidency. But what is his ultimate goal?

    The power players behind Cambridge Analytica have set up a mysterious new data company
    Mar. 21, 2018, 6:05 AM

    Rebekah Mercer Standing by Cambridge Analytica After Blackmail Scandal
    03.19.18 6:10

    The reclusive hedge fund tycoon behind the Trump presidency

    Robert Mercer (businessman)

    Rudy Giuliani JOINS Trump’s Legal Team To Help END Russia Investigation – 20 Apr 2018

    Giuliani, Dean Paid To Advocate For Terrorist Group
    May 13, 2011

    Giuliani was paid advocate for shady Iranian dissident group
    November 15, 2016

    Rudy Giuliani addresses #Iranian opposition (MEK) New Year celebration in Tirana, #Albania

    Rudy Giuliani on Iran Policy Briefing at NPC, 28 Feb 2018

    *An Iranian mystery: Just who are the MEK? – Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK) or People's Mujahideen Organisation of Iran (PMOI) *
    15 April 2012

    2006 Quadrennial Defense Review Report – The Strategy for the 'Long War'
    The 2006 Quadrennial Defense Review reflects a process of change that has gathered momentum since the release of its predecessor QDR in 2001. Now in the fifth year of this GLOBAL WAR, the ideas and proposals in this document are provided as a roadmap for change, leading to victory.

    The Pentagon Is Planning a Three-Front ‘Long War’ Against China and Russia
    The Pentagon has officially announced that that "long war" against terrorism is drawing to a close — even as many counterinsurgency conflicts rage across the Greater Middle East — and a new long war has begun, a permanent campaign to contain China and Russia in Eurasia.
    Michael Klare, last updated: April 10, 2018

  14. Scarlet ,Purple ,Blue and orange. The role of ALL news media outlets in the Illuminati agenda is to instill the idea of conflict into the minds of the masses.

  15. The US policy in the 'Middle East' is, and has always been, very clear. Tyranny followed by leadership change. But this 'policy' has finally failed in Syria.

  16. There is strategy to broadcasting where an inspection will take place here. Spy satellites and planes would catch suspicious movements after the tweet if they had anything.

  17. When different American leaders say different things and when Trump changes his mind three days later they are not confused. They know exactly what they're doing. They're playing a game. They're trying to confuse YOU. American foreign policy is entirely predictable.

  18. US Foreign policy seeks to disrupt any efforts to dismantle full spectrum dominance; a multi-polar world is being resisted. Perhaps the dollar hegemon would collapse if they fail? Who knows…

  19. We will be there as long as Israel tells our cuckold, treasonous, so called leadership. LEARN FROM OUR MISTAKES WITH ISRAEL since even peter won't mention the Greater Israel project.

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