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Comedians have figured out the trick to covering Trump

While major news networks have struggled to figure out the right way to cover the Trump administration, political satirists like Samantha Bee, John Oliver, Stephen Colbert, and Seth Meyers have demonstrated why comedy can be such a powerful antidote to bullshit.

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The first few months of the Trump administration have been a goldmine for late-night comedians and political satirists. Shows like Full Frontal With Samantha Bee, Saturday Night Live, and Late Night With Seth Meyers have enjoyed ratings boosts thanks to their regular lampooning of the Trump White House.

But beyond the jokes and sight gags, political satirists have done an excellent job of seriously covering the Trump administration — sometimes even better than major TV news networks. And that’s because while traditional journalists feel compelled to take President Trump’s often absurd statements and conspiracy theories seriously, political satirists have demonstrated an extremely low tolerance for bullshit.

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  1. LOL It has come out the FBI did wire tap Trump Tower prior to be Pres. BTW Vox is nothing but a very bias liberal org and lack credibility in major truths

  2. 5:49 Common Sense humm… That is something a lot of Americans never had. I mean, voting for someone who bankrupt 6 times to be your president, and expect him to run the country like his business? Build that wall which can be easily defeated by a ladder and rope, then have the Mexican to pay for it? God, please save the American, give them common sense!

  3. This is sad, honestly.
    Not only do all of these people operate on the premise that "crass & vulgar anti-____ rants a la 90s teenage stereotypes = poignant political analysis", but they function in the same space in regard to world events that Bill Nye & Neil deGrasse Tyson do in regards to scientific theory- they are paid to be "communicators" supporting a certain line of thought, (all of them, cohencidentally, the same line of thought) not people with significant analytical or investigative skills.

    Sadder yet is how hard they all push any "officially sanctioned" conspiracy story like the "Russian collusion" line- to subscribe to which under scrutiny is the intellectual equivalent of insisting on holding a jar of jelly in your fingers without the jar-
    while mocking & derailing discussion of actual conspiratorial events which under scrutiny reveal more & more about the system they all stay fat on.
    (Follow the money, you find the piggy bank).
    People deserve better. Better information streams, better comedy/satire, and a better system of society & quality of life.
    Nothing on the TV will provide this to them. It will only serve to make them discontent & uncomfortable in an uneasy worldview of distraction & cognitive dissonance.

    Anyway, find peace, folks.

  4. This is something that the BBC does very well. Shows how much more shitty American News is. Go watch BBC News folks.

  5. It's the classic parable of the emperor's new clothes.The News Media are discussing the fashion details and the satirists are pointing out that he is butt naked.

  6. Which is why America needs a journalistic team like Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein.
    'All the President's Men'.
    Seem familar? It took 3 yrs to tip over the columns protecting Nixon.

  7. Hum… satire works for you because you hate Trump, but we don't so we don't think it's great "coverage". See how that works ?

  8. He is a businessman that only try to be a president.. And it goddamn works!
    Beating a 30 years of experience female politician..
    I choose trump tho..
    Neither her or him is good.. but it's funny how we messed up this far
    Trump got elected
    Trump : Just a prank brooo

  9. This is a very chilling perspective. Recommending that something not be presented because you don't believe the viewers can discern between the truth and fiction (even when it is presented as such).

  10. I don't understand how a bs chanel like this one has so many subscribers , but he finished in big style "for satire to work has to point out what is the difference between ridiculous and absurd". Last time when I checked this two words are synonyms dummy :)))))

  11. "Samantha Bee has a really low tolerance for bullshit"
    ^That's one of the stupidest claims I've ever heard. The woman talks bullshit constantly

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