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CNN’s Brian Stelter Angry With New Poll Showing Media is Fake News

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  1. O'Brien shut your fat head face up with your condescending piece of crap attitude take your stupid apple and banana crap and you can shove that too you really think American people are so stupid to let you just sit there and talk down and not discredit you you're so discredited and anyone who says why am I watching well gee I don't know I watch because I like to see the freaking lies that's why you dummies

  2. Yeah because that poles not paid for probably like you're stupid polls and why is it when I click on a Facebook poll that's simply ask yes or no one question if I still support the president and the results are overwhelming in favor of the president but of course those are just online oh you like to say oh online will you know what I've seen poles from Hillary and there's really no way to answer them unless you are a trump hater

  3. Why on earth is this network still on air? The LAST journalist I would believe in is Brian Stelter. You can't possibly get more fake than that!

  4. CNN posted numerous polls showing Hillary in the lead and she loses.

    CNN posts evidence of a Russian cyber hack and it turns outt just be a fallout 4 computer.

    Cnn tells us before the election trumps an idiot for saying the election could be hacked and immediately wines about being hacked after losing.

    And they still will not admit they are fake news.

  5. "CNN has standards for which polls are reportable and which are not." Are you fucking kidding me? Do CNN viewers honestly lack a memory that spans a full 12 months? How in the hell can they possibly hold up their own polls as some kind of gold standard with straight faces?

    Somebody needs to take this douche-bag out one night, get him really REALLY drunk, and take him to a tattoo parlor. And he needs to wake up the next morning, look in the mirror, and see the words "FAKE NEWS" permanently affixed in big block letters on his fucking head.

  6. Remember the looks on those CNN anchor's face when Trump defeated the odds and became President Of The United States? EPIC!

  7. Another dorky liberal still crying about Killlary and her crime syndicate losing the election so they take their frustration out on the winner, President Trump.

  8. CNN the same news network that had presidency poll with Clinton 99% chance to win HAHAHAH FAKE NEWS. See the problem with the journalist who cried white supremacist is when you lie all the time and people know you lie all the time still believe you are lying when you tell the truth the 1/100 times you actually are.

  9. Truth: Any part of the Dossier proven to be false. CAN NOT be used in a court of law. If one part of a witness is proven false. All witness testimony is TOSSED OUT! The only court the Dossier has is in the court of Public Opinion. For the FBI, Justice Dept. Mueller investigation USES any of the Dossier, their investigation is  POISONED FRUIT! No court of law would allow the Dossier to be used as evidence. It is just a scandal sheet. And only FAKE NEWS would rely on it as news. For the a defense lawyer would ask one question. A right of the defense is to QUESTION ( WHO ) your sources are. The Dossier creator would say, "I will NOT reveal mu Sources." Since defense is not permitted to question sources, which is a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT, Dossier is tossed. All evidence related to it is OUT! So, only FAKE new uses it for RATINGS. For it is all they have. Losers, losing again.

  10. Brian's Voice is especially High and Whiney when he LIES. It wouldn't go much higher when he gets Beaten and Sodomized.

  11. There is an old wives tale that says Everytime you lie you lose hair. When you have told enough lies you look like Stelter. Now he's working on what is left. Not even implants will stay on his head.

  12. 😂😂😂😂 I'm sorry as soon as this CNN guy said "welcome to reliable sources" I just lost my shit! 😂😂😂😂 I couldn't even watch after that

  13. How about CNN polls before and during election night? Bwaaaahaaahaa… This IS fake news! When will they get that Americans, not just Conservatives have caught on to their agenda? CNN please keep it up. Please?!

  14. You are right Stelter , There were some correct things about the Dossier. 1, Donald J. Trump is Rich. 2, CNN is scared to death of him. 3. He does want to lock Hillary Clinton up! 4, Trump does think Barrack Obama is a pussy! The other shit in that crap was indeed garbage.

    As for Russian Collusion. The Trump campaign did colluded with Russia to obtain a special formula the Russians have ben working on for years. You see Stelter, the Russians would hack into John Podesta's emails and the DNC server and plant this unusual but incredible program call "jedi Mindtrick" virus. The FBI didn't have a clue because if the did , they could have used on Trump supporters. But here's how it worked. Every time a person turned on their computer , it would forced them to like Trump and hate Hillary Clinton. They would then in a zombie like way go to the polls and pull the lever for Trump instead of crooked ass Hillary Clinton. The hacked virus Russian and team Trump created worked like a charm. Nearly 65 million people voted for trump and the virus was able to zap Hilary and kept her away from key states that were must wins! And there you have it!! That's how Trump colluded with Russia in order to be lame ,incompetent ,crooked ass , lying ass Hillary Clinton! The ' Jedi mind trick" hack! GENIOUS!!!!

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