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CNN USA Breaking News Intro

CNN USA Breaking News Intro

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  1. Download RealPlayer and use the RealNetworks feature. You can download any video on youtube, and, for that matter, any video (or webcast) on the internet (unless it's protected) which 99% of videos and webcasts are not, even if they are copyrighted.

  2. Your Welcome. Glad I could help!


    "I tried limewire and it tried to crucify my laptop"

    That's why, when I use limewire, I download what I want, and then remove limewire from my computer IMEDIANTLY. Sure, it's annoying, because I have to install and uninstall all the time, but working computer vs non-working computer is a pretty easy choice to me 🙂

  3. First, you should know: you will only be able to download videos that are in a format that your Ipod can accept.

    Knowing this, just connect your Ipod to your computer, download and locate the video(s) on your computer and then download them the same way you download music to your Ipod.

    Let me know, if you need more help

  4. My opinion! Iran and Nord Korea are placed for injustice with these sanctions Big protest I recommend changing in FN four more Nations as permanent members of security council IRAN LYBIA SYRIEN BRAZIL I´m not surprised that Baltic Timor showed op at the last second and was chosen instead of Iran in a department within FN.En old APPROACH. mar kjartansson 24t blog

  5. Case for the international Criminal Court,Mr José Moreno-Ocampo Chief prosecutor of the intrnational Criminal Court says noone have right to commit massagre against civillians I´m sure that Georg Bush Tony Blair Andres Fogh have committet crimes against humanity in connection with the war in Iraq 100,000 civillian dead in air raid and their lies about WMD(weapon) Gaddafi has not committet genocide in Lybia.,,,mar kjartansson blog


    Go on facebook and search: Outer Banks Flash Mob
    Click: I'm Attending
    If you cannot click it give the event creator a friend request.

    It has 231,617 views.

  7. Breaking News: This just in, today's news suck major donkey balls! we will have further developments for you when we return

  8. @HaloModder555 That's the problem. News networks should never have a bias. Unfortunately if its run by humans i guess its inevitable.

  9. BREAKING NEWS: syria has finnally been liberated, or prince phillip of england has died, or astrounauts have finnally made it to mars this is real breaking news not the crap that the news is showing us these days i was watching i think nbc the other day and they were like breaking news mitt romney said this about obama i mean that is not breaking news at all just news bias

  10. I like this one better than what CNN is using now…the graphics is straight to the point here…the crap they are using now, takes a while, a buildup to say breaking news, not to mention it looks like a 5th grader designed their current breaking news graphics…this one makes the blood curl, and I miss this one.

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