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CNN Student News – 12/16/15

Similar threats prompt very different reactions in two U.S. school districts, and we take a look inside the benefits and drawbacks of virtual reality.

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  1. Technology. ..
    spawned from the roots of all evil..
    They will buy
    their fathers and mothers and sisters and brothers their sons and their daughters .. they will buy for their pets and all for themselves they will buy and sell until they cannot. They will see far
    into their creations for they will to be like us.. their vessels but are already Machines powered by the source but his they do not know. They seek perfection blindly creating a copy of all things in this paradise. .
    the powers and the dark forces of this world will consume the hive mind that follows ..

  2. Virtual reality glasses? Doesn't sound safe, but we know Mark Zuckerberg is an honest Jewish boy and he would never come up with something that would be harmful. 😉

  3. When Donald Trumps says ''I know more about ISIS then the generals do trust me'' Makes me think that he is somehow part of the ISIS and that he is the one giving them orders ( I don't know just thought)

  4. I want to roll call Donelson Hills elemarty in Michigan in we never been roll call in if we do we are very happy

  5. I've always LOVED the idea of 360 movies. Can you just image looking at your favorite charters talking, when suddenly behind you you hear a gunshot, and turn around to find out who it was? As you do, you here screaming "no no stay with me!" suddenly it's a back and forth game of being part… unsure whether to watch to see if your comrades will be okay, or stare in horror as the enemy draws closer, his gun aimed towards them once more..

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