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CNN Headline News – Grand Theft Morality Pt.1

Glenn Beck CNN Headline News
Jack Thompson is in Pt.2 if you want to skip ahead.

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  1. Ha lmfao u fucking kidding me the only way you would go out and steal a vehicle or kill somebody is if your insane and u should've already went to the fucking doctor and got that shit fixed

  2. What would rather want? People to be addicted to video games or to be addicted to Crack, Weed, Meth, or Acid? I'm just saying this subject is such fucking bullshit and its not gonna end

  3. So people didn't kill people before video games? Or before the television for that matter? We all just ran among flowery fields hugging each other and smearing everyone in honey? The moral panic around video games is absolute bollocks

  4. Great video Beck, this game looks awesome!  Got to go now because the entire GTA collection is for sale on Steam for $9.99!

  5. can someone send me the link to the video of the guy contradicting everything Beck says? that video was so gangsta

  6. 3:40 There's no jerry can in GTA IV…
    3:44 There's no chainsaw in GTA IV…

    In conclusion, the reporter is obviously retarded and doesn't know a video game from the hole in his ass.

  7. If he doesn't like grand theft auto, then he might want to banned history books for their violent content too. That's only most of the knowledge that makes up our history.

  8. I'm playing dead rising right now.and do I think I'm gonna go to the mall and see zombies and craft some exo suits.oh shit….this is a sales ad! thanks news

  9. Small government and individual liberty, my fat hairy ass. Anybody remember when conservatives were AGAINST pointless, moralizing social legislation? Anybody remember when conservatives were pro-business and thought that capitalism should reward industry leaders instead of trying to shut their industries down on ideological grounds? Not anymore. Reagan sold the party's soul to the radical right and now they're nothing but a joke.

  10. You're saying a violent video game is equivalent to US army combat training and simulators? So you mean I'm trained? Kill yourself.

  11. Aw man I can’t tell you how much fun I had doing all the things you pointed out in the video, even though I can’t actually use a chainsaw in the game or have sex with anyone

  12. probably the biggest jackass in the history of humanity fuck Jack Thompson he should go to hell
    video games don't kill people guns do

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