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CNN & Fox News Fail On Supreme Court Health Care Ruling

“CNN and Fox News were left with egg on their faces on Thursday, as they got the Supreme Court’s ruling on President Obama’s health care law wrong — and even managed to make Obama initially think his health care law had been partially overturned. The trouble started early for CNN. Congressional correspondent Kate Boulduan read out part of the Court’s ruling, which said that the individual mandate could not be upheld using the Commerce Clause. Disastrously, though, it failed to pick up the other part of the ruling, which said that it could be upheld as a tax…”.* Ana Kasparian, Desi Doyen, and Jacki Schechner discuss on The Young Turks.

*Read more here from Katherine Fung and Jack Mirkinson of The Huffington Post:

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  1. Why does the media call individual mandate the centerpiece of ACA?

    Individual mandate is not the center piece, it is just how it would be paid for. The center piece of ACA is affordable healthcare and reform of private health insurance industry.

    Just because people find it controversial doesn't make it the center piece of the bill. The media as usual like to blow things out of proportion.

  2. Only European welfare fags would support a loss of freedoms.

    Just like Hitler, lol (who was European, not American).

  3. That is a cop-out thing to say. I will submit when you say this it tells me you are an Obama supporter because you are saying it doesn't matter so lets keep the jerk in office now. Obama has caused 6 trillion in debt which is far more than any president who served 8 years in office! So, if you want 4 more years of this we are talking 12 trillion in addional debt to total 22 trillion! So, do your homework and see the huge difference between an anti-capitalist like Obama vs anyone else!

  4. "it's not a baby until delivered and able to live independent of the mother"… Good grief! Are you for real? So, you are the decider what is a baby now? You admit it is a life, but deny that life is a baby? WHAT? Calling it a fetus means what exactly? It's a word. Does that make you sleep better at night? You are very delusional. While I'm sure a left wing nut like you cried out over the waterboarding of a few terrorists, you have no issues with killing a baby! Oh, the warped mind of a liberal!

  5. Oh that's what I want huh? How about we can agree that killing a baby is not a celebration of a "right", since it ignores the right of the baby? Just because the baby cannot stand up for itself, doesn't mean its' life is less important. Your celebration of women's "rights" results in the death of a living being. That may make you choke-up with pride because you only think about one-side that makes you feel good, but there's a dark-side of this, that should make no one proud!

  6. First off, no one is forced to raise a child they do not want. The alternative to abortion has always been adoption. Second, it's not up to me to decide the circumstances in which an abortion is moral. But personally I'd think if the mother was in danger of death then I can understand there is a decision to be made to save at least one life. As far as "servatude" is concerned, I'd have to ask WTF? That is a huge stretch for even a liberal to associate raising a child as servatude! Good grief!

  7. Yeah how inconveinent! So, lets just kill it eh? Asking someone to use birth control is too much to ask, so then when they become pregnant because of it, then it's also too much to ask them to deliver the baby they created. Servitude again? So any inconveinence to a liberal is deemed servitude? How about responsibility? Still asking too much? Can you not see how the liberal mind is a cancer on a society? Everything a liberal touches is ruined! Everything. Your brain is mis-wired my friend.

  8. So what? Since when is contraceptive healthcare? Your car insurance doesn't cover oil changes either! Homeowners insurance doesn't cover lightbulbs! You are atypical liberal who thinks everything should be free (from your point of view) or at least paid for by other people's money! Yeah we can point out this and that all day…. So what? Killing a baby is killing a baby, get it? Miscarriage is very different genius! You are not very smart, are you? Move to Cuba where you would feel at home!

  9. Yes, it appears as if the Supreme Court has ruled that the individual mandate is unconstitutional. Now, let's read past page 1…

  10. Depends on your definition of when that child's life starts. In the first trimester- it cannot think, it cannot feel pain, it has no feelings or opinions- it is a mass of cells inside of a woman's body; it may be removed. The point of provided contraceptive is that the cost of unwanted children ultimately falls onto the rest of society- caring for them, raising them, educating them- it's not like most of these pro-life ppl want to do anything for these kids once they're born, then they're trash.

  11. *yawn" at left-wing word games. You can stare at a rock for 1000 years and it will never be alive. Feelng pain is no definition of life and it hasn't been proven a baby can't feel pain. So,by your intellectual reason killing a life is fine if you don't want it. Then why can't a woman kill her 5 year old child for the same reason? There's 100 families waiting to adopt for every baby available to adopt. Left-wing reasons for killing babies only fogs your mind so you can sleep at night.

  12. So you're saying there are no unwanted children? That's simply not true. Are you a vegan? otherwise I find your argument highly specious, if the point is maintaining life, then don't kill things for food; if the point is protecting sentient human life, then care for born-self aware, human children.

  13. I am amazed at how many people still believe the garbage that comes from fox news. NO OPINION HERE< EVERY POLL TAKEN< AND PLEASE LOOK IT UP< fox news viewers are the most misinformed because it is not news, it is republican propaganda, which is fine but they disrespect their viewers because they don't say they are propagandarists. Therefore it does the viewers an injustice because they cant have an intelligent conversation about politics. Fox news knows that their viewers are on average 73 years old, white and will not fact check anything said so the viewer is conned into believing what they hear is the truth

  14.  If you watch the Young Turks you are a failure.You are in the same class as Cenk the cubby little gay. Al Gore threw Cenk to the wolves with the sale of his T.V. station to big oil, even after all that dick sucking Cenk did…what a shame.

  15. Fox News wipes its ass with the other proganda news stations. Obama the biggest failure (he now is even more pathetic than Carter) would have a free pass if not for Fox News. Obama supoporters would let him rape their children for free money. Obama creates parasites nothing more.

  16. I can only assume you would let Obama rape your children…wait he already is…17 trillion…good thing most Dems can't do math.

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