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CNN Fails and Fake News Compilation!!!

CNNs biggest fails and fake news moments!!! Follow me on Instagram at dominationstationyoutube

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  1. Videos on Cnn people getting attack? what they get for the shit & trying to go to a different place in the world to do fake news

  2. 1:18 Yeah fuck-wit. If you asked me a question in a repetitive and petulant tone that I'd answered not three seconds earlier I'd kick your useless ass out too.

  3. If I wanted mostly brown people in the US, I can just move to Mexico. I want my country to be mostly white. The US has been accepting legal immigrants for centuries. The US has also been kind to illegal immigrants.

  4. CNN is FAKE NEWS. It didn't take President Trump to convenience me, CNN and their ILK used their mouths, bad breath and words that convenienced me. That's a fact!

  5. 170 million new guns added to U.S domestic arsenal since 1991 and yet the national murder rate is 50% down?? Can you hear the wail of horror coming from the Zionist parasites as they pull their filthy blood-drenched mouths away from sucking the lifeblood of AMERICuck? Oy Vey!! We need to fire off a salvo of lies NOW!! Call CNN! Every Jew mouth to the fore!!!

  6. The immigration policies were better before trump, the assault rifle does not need to be owned by american citizens, black people should not support trump, antifa/protesters have legitimate reasons for the violence , citizens trying to protect their businesses from being vandalized are white racists who have been told to fire at will. these points are going to be spread by the media. black correspondents will speak as if they speak for the majority of black people, Mexican guests will speak about trumps racist speeches, guests opposed to these points will be given questions set up in a way where they make the guest look racist,sexist or dangerous gun owners, the time to speak for opposition guests are shortened if they start making true statements that reveal to the public who the puppet masters are, how they all work together and that we are being lied to by the CNN correspondents.

  7. How could you pick just for 15min. Every single minute cuck news network is on could be in the video

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