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CNN Does Pro-War Propaganda Piece as Trump Calls for End to Role in Syria

After a U.S. soldier was killed in Syria, this prompted President Trump to call for an end to the United States’ presence in Syria. Shortly after, this sparked criticism from CNN, who came to the defense of its defense contractor advertisers.


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  1. Trump, will use anything to divert attention from his domestic issues (Mueller investigation, Stormy Daniels affair, Financial worries and illegal loans and donations to his private Trump-brand-organization & the secret-back-door deals from Jared Kushner). He goes for all now and even turns against his puppet-master, financier Putin.) Will Putin come up with all his evidence and will the ''Pee-tape'' be released soon?
    The only reason Putin is backing-up Syria & North Korea, Iran 7 cuba is, because they are on the short-list of countries with an independent federal bank-system. Not controlled by the NWO. BTW. I'm happy if wars stop but Trump become consistent.

  2. The one thing Trump said that was right and of course Corporate war media wants to stay their forever.

    FUCK OF, I hate this man, but he's right, we need to get the fuck out of there, and pull out of ALL THE MIDDLE EAST, I don't give a fuck about the Government's stupid ass chess game with Russia and Iran, I have no stake and this, we civilians get NOTHING from this "great game"

    pull the fuck out or collapse into nothing.

  3. I've been watching mainstream media this morning. They're lying and saying, Syria did the last chemical weapons attack. They're also calling for Syria to be bombed again. The mainstream media is made up of a gaggle of sociopaths. One idiot even went so far as to say, Russia is responsible for the latest chemical weapons attack. I'm not convinced a chemical weapons attack even happened at this point.

  4. It really should alarm the Republican constituency that Trump and his administration can’t ever be on the same page. Trump says 1 thing and his administration says something all together different.

  5. I’m honestly surprised that Sen. Hirono is being this hawkish.
    Should have had Rep. Gabbard on instead. She wouldn’t stand for this garbage.

  6. Whoa the General doesn't want the war to end? Almost like he gets money from the military industrial complex or something

  7. It's not the Democratic Party it is the Democorporate Party. We don't need to invade Canada, the corporations already own it.

  8. A year ago Trump "shot form the hip" in Syria with that idiotic missile attack. Most of the people who have a problem with this didn't have a problem with that.

  9. FDR…"the only thing we have to fear is, fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance". Unfortunately all we have are two so-called conservative and liberal party’s that's rhetoric espouses…All we have to fear is, NOT enough fear. Perpetual war for perpetual profit is the game. And I see by the comments, their willfully ignorant chicken hawks are giving their two cents, for what it’s worth.

  10. Lindsey Graham just like McCain, is a deep state agent devil motherfucker, as for CNN, that piece of shit network is nothing more than a mouth piece for deep state, the CIA, Mossad and the military industrial complex. Fuck them, I never watch that shit.

  11. This going to be followed by false flag fake chemical weapons again and blame it on the Syrian government, The owner of CNN is an Israeli what do you expect man.
    Ever since CNN changed hands form it founder Ted Turner, CNN has lost it truthfulness.
    Now it's all pro war propaganda

  12. Trump doing the right thing is rare, we should be celebrating, but I guess a grudge is more important.

  13. You should try finding the trailer for “killing Europe” by one America. That is some pretty crazy propaganda.

  14. A dentist in my unit got pulled to that location at one point. He also said he didn not understand the significance of the army being their besides "humanitarian".

  15. There are no liberals in America… They are all neocons with varying views of identity politics… You just love to kill people.

  16. Is it right to surmise that the US needs to hate Russia in order support Saudi Arabia and we should not take soldiers out of Syria because US soldiers have already been shot in Syria?

  17. What if this is a strategic move in preparation for a bigger war w Iran? I think this is a clear action of freeing resources for later play…

  18. Stop saying that Congress did not approve it. They did and do. They keep founding the military over the people.

  19. Trump says "we're going out of Syria". Five minutes later there's an alleged chemical attack that's attributed immediately to the Syrian government without any evidence, as per usual, and Trump suddenly changes his mind. Looks like scripted.

  20. Maybe we will leave Syria so we can tackle Russia directly. I think that Russia's meddling in our election should have been a declaration of war on Russia. They've been asking for it since they were the Soviet Union. Russia isn't as strong as the Soviet Union; we are still the strong United States of America.

  21. So now we have another chemical attack against innocent civilians. What now? Not saying we should go to war. But not sure we should be bystanders and watch this go down as we twiddle our thumbs.

  22. Great video Mike! You're very logical and eloquent as usual. Your beard however isn't lighted very well. 😉

  23. The problem is the parent organizations of these news agencies are 'conglomerates'. They have fingers in many pies. For instance NBC/Comcast/Universal is owned by G.E. who earns a reported 5-6 billion annually on 'Military Defense Communications' products and services. This is the hardware/software used to combat the hacking Rachel Maddow vehemently opposes. Fighting this Militaristic Plutocracy is why we're all on Youtube and Twitter.

  24. Another great report Mike, thank you.

    And I don't know if you've changed the lighting in the studio or lowered the brightness of the screens behind you, but everything looks great now.

  25. This is fucking insanity. Fuck these people.

    All these assholes on the TV people should just fuck off. Go away corporate schmucks. Go away. Fuck off.

  26. "He thrives on chaos"
    Trump: "we are pulling out of syria soon!"

    These people are more insane than Trump! Jesus christ. They think they can use us live slaves in their businesses both at home and in war. Fuck the establishment. I wont be your slave. Fight in your own wars yourselves.

  27. CNN-style propaganda should be illegal. Also want to point out that Trump may be saying the right thing but whether he is going to be "doing" anything is another question. He has not done anything yet. Maybe he truly is interested in "doing" something about leaving Syria. Or maybe he is simply saying this as a distraction for his supporters. Trump is like a glorified matress salesman. He will tell you what you want to hear to make the sell. But give him the benefit of the doubt. Ok — well even if he is serious about getting out of Syria, which I support wholeheartedly, it looks like it will be harder and harder for him to have influence over policy. The neo-cons and demo-cons are doing what they do to any politically inconvenient person — and that is –they are de-legitimizing and isolating him.

    BTW, there are more strategic interests at stake than a trade route to Damascus. However, these strategic interests have nothing to do with helping normal US citizens (unless you are a fossil fuel magnate, support the ever-expansion of Israel regardless of consequences, or are in the war profiteering business…)

  28. Well CNN is a bunch of lying cunts so it’s no surprise. I just hope no one else takes these idiots seriously

  29. One more democratic war monger who needs to be put in her place. Americans please show that Hawaiian senator done humanitarian basics.

  30. I am not against what Trump is saying… but he really needs to rephrase what he said… "Let other people do it"… wait haven't Trump said something similar… "Mexican's will pay for the wall"… oh yea… Let's make America great again… but now this just feels lazy.

  31. He wants to end the war and these dumb fuckers don't that why war will never end when dumb fucks like these are around!

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