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Bernie Sanders was asked tough questions during the CNN Town Hall…which is great…but was Hillary Clinton also asked hardball questions? Cenk Uygur host of The Young Turks breaks it down.

Do you think Chris Cuomo was trying to help Hillary? Let us know in the comments below.

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“Bernie Sanders keeps refusing to run the way that the pundits think he should — that’s what makes this primary so interesting and perhaps a turning point in American politics.

You could see it last night in the Democratic town hall. Before they let, you know, sensible people ask questions, there was CNN moderator Chris Cuomo. Cuomo, of course, wanted to know if Bernie Sanders was going to “bring back the era of big government.” This is exactly the kind of frame that pundits have been trying to put on American politics for about as long as I can remember, which is at least back to the Carter era.

This question is supposed to be a kind of kryptonite that causes Democratic politicians to sweat and turn pallid and immediately explain that no, they’re for efficient government or some such. It’s the kind of question that turned Bill Clinton into a triangulating centrist who cut welfare to the bone and elevated corporate power with a series of disastrous trade agreements. Everyone in Washington knows that “big government” is always bad.”

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CNN: Clinton News Network

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  1. Employee with employer ´hi I am 55 year old and I watch CNN´
    Employer; ´you sir are fired´.
    Employee; ´but I just told you I watch CNN. It is all I watch.´
    Employer; ´wanna know what I watch? Manga. Since when have you brought Manga to the office? Now do you see why you are fired? Modernity! Because if you run away from it it bites you in the arse.´

  2. What blatant corruption! The Democrats are going to get what they deserve if Hillary wins the nomination and gets beaten by Trump. Sad, sad, sad.

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  5. Hillary Clinton should be in jail, she is being protected by the
    democrats. What she has done in her lifetime is beyond Criminal, she has
    been protected far to long…. "IT''S TIME" To do something about
    this woman. I think it's time for the people that know what type of
    monster this woman really is to speak up. Lets take this woman down
    before it's to late, (WHO IS WITH ME)?


    Go Trump Go.

  6. CNN should start reporting facts instead of editing what they want and reporting lies especially about Donald Trump. You are the worst communist news station on the planet and everyone that works for CNN should find it hard to sleep at night!. Is money really worth your dignity and moral value and the integrity that news is supposed to uphold? You people are sick disgusting liars

  7. Explaining to a non-native english speaker non-american the general concept, 'endorsement,' and 'donors' their all like 'bribes?'

    Yes, yes we may you fancy words for it but brides and briders.

  8. Many Muslims "ETC" made "game of thrones land" pretty much poor land. So. Find your guards and find "your" people because in this land it's kind of "survival of the fittest" But know your clans and "partners" now. no. Shut up muslim.

  9. CNN needs to start covering the dis-proportioned amount of black on white violence, and black mob violence. And then admit they play a part in it by perpetuating the black victim mentality.

  10. alot of people hate americans but i look at bernie supporters and i see hope in america but then theres this

  11. this question is idiotic, he knows nothing about economics, FREE MARKET doesn't actually work come on keynesian economics, monetarists all have better solutions than the free market infact…. theres no tax hike! do they not get socialism?

  12. Cuomo did all he could to try to nail Bernie, then glued his lips firmly to Hillary Clinton's butt.

  13. The most pathetic network news channel on air today. It's bias is so glaring it's becoming a joke. Chris Cuomo is a privileged asshole who is utterly incapable of balanced questioning and news casting. A vile human being that seriously needs the table turning on him and how he got his job in the first place.

  14. Sanders equals power for gov. not you. When sanders fails in office a tyrannical gov could own you.

  15. TYT must change it's name for NCN Newest Clinton Network. And you Cenk ought to accept it, you have betray your Bernie's followers.

  16. You know what? I actually think these CNN panelists are now asking the questions they should be asking Hillary as well. They're completely fair questions. Questions about Bernie's big-government policies are completely fair, but questions about Hillary's big-government policies are even more fair, since she is the bigger-government candidate.

  17. If you look real closely you will see Hillary scratching Chris Cuomo behind the ear. Turn up the speakers and you will hear Chris cooohing

  18. Perhaps if you showed the replies to the Q's it might explain why the questioner was pushing B.S on certain points. Politicians are notoriously evasive and try to side-step any Q that might show them in a less than favourable light.
    This video only shows 50% of what was going on ….. Did the omitted 50% not suite the narrative?

  19. Here's a look at REAL CHANGE getting railroaded.
    Flashback to the year's first month and think about how strong the honest SANDERS would be NOW, even without a fully fair shot in the media and election system.
    I say he would be the logical leader.

  20. wow just like the treat trump ……Bernie u got rape by CNN just like trump is now u should know your real vote should be trump

  21. It's funny how 9 months later they are licking hillary's asshole clean. Traitors. Bernie is a tired dying man too. He gave up and joined them.

  22. Sanders will need people going to the streets for him, knock on doors. Be ready. Let's not be dumb: The media will be just as bad in 2020.

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