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CNN – Breaking News: Barack Obama Elected President

CNN Coverage US-Election 2008 – Breaking News: Obama Elected President


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  1. I watched this 7th grade.. I remember my Social studies teacher had a student put up Obama's picture as the 44th president next to Bush's picture on her wall of presidents. We were kids but shit, everyone was happy. Good times.

  2. Barack Obama did not divide race, culture or creed. He treated everyone as equals. It just goes to show he knew how to run things. God bless you. You were and still are the best president there is.

  3. love you obama one day all these bastard cops will die for all the innocent lives they've destroyed!!

  4. And now we have a Russian money laundering, sexual predator, wife beating, election cheating, treasonous, serial lying, temper tantrum throwing, promise breaking,lowest rated president EVER, LOSER as president.

    Lots of dumb Americans out there.

  5. No! No! No! Unforgivable! Unforgivable! The one president who is supposed to be helpful, and he messed everything up!!! Obama, is racist. Obama is sexist, Obama is a rapist, Obama is a giant BULLY!!!!!

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